Thursday, 26 April 2012

Review on LB Sophia Shorts – Cream (Size S)

Crochet shorts are so IN now that almost every blogshops are launching own version of their pair. All seem sooooo pretty when worn. Fall in love with the cream piece after seeing reviews from some of my friends whom bought from Labellavita. But I’m rather particular abt online purchases – only prefer self-manufactured, thus the reason why I skip Labellavita pc (not too sure if is their label though theirs is also pretty) & decided to wait :)

Thousands of THANKKKKSSSS to
Li Han, I managed to secure a pc of LB Sophia Shorts when they launched!! <3 The launch was crazy….crochet shorts & bralet snap up within secondssssss O.O

-          First Impression: SO-SO :/ don’t like the inner lining to be of cotton material. Furthermore, those khaki colour make it worse :S
-          Size S fits me PERFECT (thanks to Rach & Vel for their advice, I stick to Size S since they  mentioned it is stretchable)
-          Thick elastic band (covered up by the crochet) & side zip.
-          In fact, I can wear my pc leg in…need NOT unzip to wear it.
-          Crochet details is longer than inner lining.
-          Not sheer.
-          Length is just right. Neither too long nor short.
-          Won’t squeeze waist fats.
-          Still have allowance at the thigh part which I love it.
-          Probably my only pair of crochet shorts. Still prefer those normal shorts or hi-waist shorts designs.

my next purchase shall be something floral!!! :))

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