Sunday, 20 May 2012

HAPPY 20 MONTHS & Our Cycling Date ♥

To my ever-dearest brulee,

HAPPY 20 MONTHS TO US!! ♥♥ counting down to another 4 more months to our 2yrs anniversary. Just can't wait...hopefully we will be out of this country to celebrate our anni + ur birthday. LOVING YOU MORE THAN EVER, baby boy <3 <3

Your bb creme :D

yesterday both of us were too lazy to go running & swimming, so we decided to go cycling at ECP instead. but we din realised the weather is scorching like mad!! i got headache like 15mins later!! :X hence we conclude to cycle at a later timing, hoping the sun will be less "hard-working". we headed to PP to have my favourite pasta-mania & slowly roam around the area before walking to ECP for cycling.

we got 2 bikes & rented it for 2hrs. cycling skills are like shit. although i can cycle, i cycle in a zig-zag direction & it must be at slower speed cos my braking skills are like shit too. the seat cannot be too high or too far that I need to stretch out my hands 180 degrees straight. WAHAHAHAH...i definitely need more time to warm up if i need to cycle myself :p

brulee see mi lidat, he very worried..scare i fall down or bang into people. so he suggested to change to a double bike instead :D

YAY....cycling double is sooooo relaxing......FOR MEEEEEEE!!! hehehehehe... but the butt damn pain due to the un-cushioned seats :<

Decked in AE top & shorts

our lunch

before & after cycling. 

bedok jetty

our double bike

the very very scorching & glaring sun 

brulee zooming into the pic & exclaimed...
brulee: b, i managed to take a pic with 2 suns!! there is a 2nd sun coming out!! 
me: is the moon lahs :/
brulee: maybe it's UFO..alien coming!!
me: -.- SIAOOOO..

lastly, my brulee fetching me ♥ fast but steady :D

anw, we tried making our soya beancurd for the second time :))


  1. Happy sweet 20th month baby! haha <3

  2. so sweet!!! happy 20th months babe!

  3. heheheheheh thanks yt babe :D u r always so sweeeet de <3