Thursday, 10 May 2012

Review on LB Camilla Corset in White (Size M) & Mango Pastel Colour Shorts & Tops :DD

BIGGGG THANK YOU to pretttty Ying Tian, i managed to secure a pc of LB's Camilla Corset in White. managed to arrange with her to collect it yesterday but feel so pai seh to trouble her to come out of her train to meet me at the mrt gantry :x she so funny lahs, just 1 item, she gave me a BIG newlook plastic carrier :p

quickly try it on when i rch home. had been hearing all the horrifying reviews from BOS & twitter peeps that the corset sizing runs small. so actually im more or less prepared to sell mine also le :(

but heng ahhhh....still can fit but definitely cannot go buffet wearing this!! ptp is comfy for me, just the waist part, more hugging. moreover the 6 boning (2 fronts, 2 sides & 2 backs) make mi feel more restricted when sitting down. straps are adjustable & the length is decent too. doubt bralet is suitable for me with my bulging tummy :( ohhhhh i simply heart the eyelet details toooooo ♥♥ if only the corset is padded, it will be so perfect, but definitely higher cost lohs :(

actually now im thinking if I shld sell this corset >< doesn't really look nice on me lehs :/

Hop over to MNG @Tampines Mall today during my lunch break. Spotted MGG's upcoming pastel colour shorts. As I was wearing a dress, I grab 2 tops to match with the shorts as well. Oh btw MNG's latest collection is oh-so-AWESOME!! Everything I see is soooo nice, all the very yummmy colours :DDDD

I think MGG is launching pastel pink, yellow, mint & lilac if I'm not wrong. & they also have those frills hem which can be fold up to make it shorter & down to make the frills more obvious (as per yellow & pink pc). Almost same design as MNG, & they are selling at $49. 
Which colour do you think suit me?? :p

REALLLLYYYY really can't wait for MGG to launch theirs man!!
pastel mint version

pastel yellow version

pastel blue version

pastel pink version

pics credit from Agnes (AE). Selling at a whopping $79 @MNG O.o

Upcoming AE Mavis Top inspired from MNG / H&M.
Colour true to model above.
So gonna get my Yellow pc from AE tonight (:

MNG Lacie Camisole selling at $39

Bought my Reebok sports-bra using my capitamall vouchers.
need to WORK DOUBLY HARD & stay as slim as Ying Tian :DDD

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  1. Camilla corset size m. Are you selling? Let me know, thanks! :)