Saturday, 5 May 2012



whoever knows me will acknowledge what I'd just mention, even my grandparents :p 
Online shpg is AWESOME..why so??

- Cheaper than retail outlet. *$$ saved mehhhs?? --> DOUBT SO ><*
- I like receiving & ripping my parcels. Like how u like to recd & open ur bdae presents!! :DD
- Although always get the "heart-attack" & gan jiong feeling waiting for invoice, is like damn shiiiiiooookkk when I got the invoice. dunno why like striking lottery :p
- MOST IMPORTANT: online shpg leads me to forum & twitter - platforms where I met & know awesome friends, friends who share the same "hobby" as me :)) 

Have always been chatting with most of my twitter babes virtually, & not have any chance of meeting any of them on a proper occasion. but BIG THANKS to Michelle for initiating a dinner outing among the twitter peeps that I got a chance to meet the big bunch of 13 PREEEEETTTTYYYY babes irl :))) so glad that I FINALLY met them - Ying Tian, Mei Ho, Li Han, Yongzhen, Jaslyn, Wendy aka XMT, Emmy, Wendy, Lynn, Beixin, July, Tiphanie & Michelle!!

*but sad to say i think im the oldest among them :"((*

dinner at Marché @313 & sooooo lucky we got a cozy corner to gather. Maybe they know such big grp of people, bound to be very noisy & will cam-whore. So put us to corner seating :p 

All the chiiiiooo chiiiiiooo peektures we took :DDD 
*pity i din get a chance to tk picsss with gorgeous model look-a-like Emmy :'(( 

my sautéed mushroom crepe *ngomngom*

Grabbed below 3 group photos from July :D
looked so big size here :((

looked so tan beside Lynn :x

very friendly & pretty Mei Ho <3

OMGGGG look how slim this babe is!! i can wrap her whole waist :SS

with chirpy organiser Michelle :)

 slim slim nail specialist no.1 - Wendy 

Michelle & Wendy

youngest nail specialist no.2 - Li Han

everyone look at Yongzhen's 水汪汪大眼睛!!

& Jaslyn's very contagious sunny smile :DDDD
waist also so small *jealous*

very lovely Wendy :)

very "siao di-dong" July :p super crappy gal!! LOL

July & Wendy

cutie Beixin...sooo tiny i feel like a GIANT beside her -.-

super wrong angle for me so look at sweeet meiho can alrdy :)

this kind of outing with these bunch of great friends are hard to come-by!! definitely bless to have know them thru' online shopping.

I can't wait for the next gathering with all these babes already!!!! 
not forgetting the next few must meet & have proper meals babes - Ivy, Valerie, Veron, Felicia, Janice, Stellina, Noi & Audrey :))

Outfits for yesterday Shopaholics' Dinner Date & TGIF :)

LB Eldrich Dress
H&M Wedge

WIWT - Catwalkclose Floral Bustier Dress


  1. hi babe!! first time commenting on your blog and i love the background flowers and your words! :)

    pleasure meeting you via shopping as well and u r so nice!! thanks for the pics and catch up again! <3

  2. aiyoooohhh why my babe soooo sweeeeet de :DDD
    u r even nicer, prettty also lohs :) definitely wan to meet up with you soon for shopping, meals & running lahs *kisssss* :*)