Friday, 15 June 2012

Friday DATE with ❤

Fri day date w/brulee for dinner at Bedok area. As usual, we always have to think very long before we can make a decision on our dinner choice; since I wanted something economical & tasty (cos I overspent this mth :(( ); & he wanted somewhere air-conditioned.  Settled for The Manhatten Fish Market @Bedok Point eventually since both of us have not eaten the former or Fish & Co. for quite sometime. BUT it was such a wrong decision made >:(((

Mushroom soup was alright. Neither too thick nor diluted. Comes with a lot of mushroom bits. RATING: 6/10

The exceptionally disappointing & WORST shrimp aglio olio I’ve ever tasted!!! Spaghetti used taste & feel like  those Chinese yellow mee. No olive taste, & was rather dry. Shrimp used was still alright though.  Guess it is becos they dun specialize in other dishes beside their fishes??? Definitely not worth at all. RATING: 1/10

Small Grill which was slightly above average. Comes with some herbs rice which I LOVE the most cos it is very moist; 2 medium serving dory fillets, which are rather fluffy; 2 miserable grilled prawns, some calamari, chips (a little too soggy for my liking) & greens. Requested to change my grilled calamari to fried ones but was rejected. -.- So inflexible; unlike Fish & Co >:( In fact I’d a bad experience with Manhantten’s grilled calamri (PS outlet) cos that was the first time I kanna food poisoning, so it is super “memorable”. RATING: 7/10

Overall rating: Not only is it NOT cheap; it is also not yummmmy at all. Waste our money lohs >:((( SUPER NOT WORTH IT LAHSSSSSS!!!!!

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  1. Oh dear, Sam didn't like his haircut? I'm sure it isn't that bad :)
    Anyway babe i think you look great with this length of hair! It looks more volumized now!