Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Brulee's BRO & SIS-IN-LAW' WEDDING ♥ ♥

After attending brulee’s bro’ wedding last Saturday, I truly understand what it means by “A Man’s tears is worth a Thousand words”. Recalling back, I think this is the most touching, sweeeeet & PERFECTTT wedding that I’ve attended so far!! Feel really blissful for both of them ♥ ♥

Even though brulee & I only slpt for less than 4hrs, we were equally keyed up as KOR for the gate-crash, solemnization & wedding banquet. We got ourselves prepared while waiting for the rest of the brothers to arrive. Cam-whoring among the brothers with their white shirt, coloured berms & suspenders theme & off we proceed to the bride’s hse in the west……


Basically we had been traveling from east -> west, west -> north east, north east -> back to west & west -> central the whole day. Certainly, it was really tiring & XIONG~~ >.< What made things worse it that, becos my brulee dun really know the road directions that well, we made a lot of unnecessary U-turns and roundabouts which made us even more sianzzzz & drained. Adding on, I sucks at reading the GPS & differentiating my left & right (*I need a knock on my head man!!). Nevertheless practice makes perfect right??? It’s only thru’ all these that my brulee will be more familiar with the roads & me with the very very impt GPS!! *huffffz*

Gate-crashing was rather easy……no major “attacks” from the sisters, except for the last round of outdoor activities – wasabi biscuits. As per the brothers & groom, the wasabi is a killer which made some of them has upset stomach & throat. The rest of the 酸甜苦辣 were pretty no-kick; licking & consuming the overly condensed milk covered biscuits, eating the whole lemon slice including the pulp & drinking kopi-kosong. Also also, just some push-ups, drawings on the faces using lipstick & tweezing of leg-hair. NOOOOOO KICKKKKK at all righhhhht?? :pp Buttttt…the sun was very glaring that day & it makes all of us sweat like crazy!!! >< & finally the indoor activities i.e. dancing Wu-Bai, composing poems & HIS promise to HER sealed with his kiss :)

KOR opened the door & meet his stunning bride!! No wonder they say a woman is always the prettiest on her wedding day cos throughout the whole day, the bride is filled with beams, smiles & laughter. Honestly I hardly see brulee’s sis-in-law beaming so happily before lohs!! HAHAHAHAHAH……but of cos once in a lifetime, have to look damn chiiiioooo right?? Cannot give those sianz sianz face mahs.

Camwhore camwhore resume again!! But it seems that the groom is not as “popular” as the bride. Even when the bride was doing some touch up on her pedicure, she got videoed down. Poor KOR just stood there in sweat. HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!

After which, we proceed to Punggol area for some photoshoots before to their new hse for gathering with KOR’s family & relatives……we shun bian can rest awhile & have our catered buffet lunch. As this point of time, brulee, his cousins & myself were almost half-dead :/ Traveled back to the bride’s hse again for the tea-ceremony before to the hotel to get ourselves prepared for the banquet.

Went to the salon to get my hair done with temp curls……& I was dozing away during the process :( #dead-beat Was in such a rush after my hair was done cos I’ve yet to changed into my evening outfit & do some touch-up to my face. Worse is…… I actually forgot to bring my Hollywood tape for my dress!!!! *killlll me plsssssss!!* luckily I got my forever-there for me brulee to get the tapes with me at Robinsons!! Chop chop & get everything done before the solemnization.

Highlight of the night is the solemnization cos this is the moment when the groom literally made almost everyone tear by his ever most touching VOWS to his wife; even the guys teared lohssss!!!! One can really feel that KOR really meant each & every word he mentioned in his vows. No sweeeet talk involved. Peektures shall depict everything…… that explains why I mentioned right at the start of my entry that “A Man’s tear is worth a Thousand Words”……awWWWwwwww!! :’( #touchedmoments

Get started with the reception table with brulee, 1 of the brothers & some sisters immediately after the solemnization as the area was already filled with quite a number of guests. Luckily coordination was pretty smooth. Got seated in the ballroom around 8.45pm….

I shall let my peekturessss end off with my entry before I bore all of you :DD

see how tired both of us look at the end of everything. we just zonked out within secs :X