Sunday, 22 July 2012

Instagram Addict & Double Dating!!

im sooooooo hooked into Instagram, that whatever things, food, people, places, quotes, reviews, purchases etc.... i capture..i will post to instagram!! Do you also do what I'm doing? If you're, CONGRATS~~you are an Instagram Addict tooooo :DDDD My FAVOURITE app to date ♥ 

Find it so amusing that darlin YR send me this pic & mentioned that no.1 reminds her of "someone", whom is your truly. whenever food comes, I'll STOP her from eating & lemme finish taking peektures of it. She will find it so "frustrating" cos she is hungry but can't eat when food comes >:( HAHAHHAHAHA!! :p  

Below are some of my instagram peektures that I posted recently!! Follow me @dramamamamia if you are on instagram too yay :))

 <3 this combi decked in Agneselle top & clutch

 Ah Loy Thai @Tampines Mall
Smaller eating area, slightly lesser food choices though popular dishes are still available.
Food taste equally AWESOME :)

 Red Velvet Cake from Coffee Bean SUCKSSSS!! why would there be vinegar >(
The hot chocolate is slurping good though :)

 I hope i can achieve toner body by this yr end. From left to right #JIAYOU!!

#OFTD for our 22nd 
Decked in LoveBonito which I recd compliments from my colleagues ^^

22nd @ Hungry Chimps which I'll blog below.. 

 Enjoying TCC 1-1 promo before it ends :<

Complimentary 7 course dinner @Sze Chuan Court, Fairmount Hotel

Our lunch tdy w/ Aunt Jemima waffles :D

 my damage ytd from Bershka. 

<3 this upcoming AA Light Denim Washed Top

Went on a double date with brulee's bro & sis-in-law during our 22nd mth . Brulee wanted to go Rider's Cafe initially, not knowing that the place is more for brunch instead of dinner. Nxt he reserved Royal China dim sum, this time round not knowing they dun serve dim sum for dinner :SSSS #blurbrulee We forgo both reservations & settled our dinner at Hungry Chimps. Not a very bad choice i would say :)

It is located just along Strictly Pancakes that stretch. A cosy place to gather. I find the food pretty alright, in terms of taste & price. Definitely way better than Full House, which I blogged here. However, brulee find the food kinda so-so & the alcoholic drinks a lil too ex :S For some of the mains, you can choose either 1) Thick Cut Fries or Butter Rice & 2) Coleslaw or Garden Greens.

Nevetherless, i would still bring my friends there lahs :p

 Cash or Nets pymt only!!

 Chimps Specialty Calamari Rings

 Bolognese Cheese Baked Fries

 The Orient - Chicken Chop w/ Fries & Coleslaw

 Ocean Catch - Dory Fillet w/ Butter Rice & Coleslaw

 2 Little Pigs - Pork Chop w/ Butter Rice & Coleslaw

Double Dating 

Hungry Chimps
64A Prinsep Street #02-01
Tel: 6338 1389

Opening hours:
Mon - Thu: 11:30 am - 10:00 pm
Fri - Sat: 11:30 am - 1:00 am
Sun: 11:30 am - 10:00 pm


  1. candice u r mad toned!!!! envy and u have abs!! <3

    will try out the cafe soon, thanks for yr recommendation!!

    1. YT u flattered me..u r the toned one pleaseeee!! Our workout idol :DD
      sadly no abs yet, trying hard :(

      yay yay..try out the cafe kk. i think is not bad imo :)