Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Eating Disorder :(((

This is what I've been telling brulee everyday, without fail:-

1) "I eat alot again!!" (repeating this every single meal)
2) "I finish all my rice, soup..everything!!"
3) "I'm still NOT full...."
4) "So full now!! But 5mins later, I think I'm hungry again!!"
5) "I'm soooooo fat!!!" 

Not joking, but I'm impressed SHOCKED with my eating behaviour recently. I eat alot...i really mean ALOT!! This moment i can be very full, but after awhile, I'm searching for food to munch on again :(

this is how I eat for the past 2 weeks :SSSS
Not exaggerating i swear!!

 the weighing machine is my enemy

Wobbly tummy is my best-est friend now!!

soon i'll hv depression due to eating disorder :'(

Candice Koh, you ought to control your eating behaviour from next week onwards!!

Yes..I give myself till end of this week to eat like a T-Rex. Next Monday onwards, no more excuses! >:(      
Say NOOOOOOOO to carbo, snacks & heavy meals!!
else be prepared to welcome:-
1) Size L clothings (no offence to any Size L readers out there, but Size L means an increase in size to me, so who wants to see an increase in size right??)
2) Tummy, flabby arms & pok pok cheeks during camwhoring, which gonna make pple who are reading my blog, following my instagram/twitter/FB PUKE!!
3) Depression & low-self esteem, cos I'll look super ugly in all the clothings & photos.
4) NO PROPOSAL from brulee, cos he wun want to marry a "Pom Pom Purin" (this is how brulee call me recently :<) 
5) Being a pui pui bride (if brulee still wants to marry me by then)

i can't let this scene happen :(((( 

this should be the CORRECT way :)


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