Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Kids/Teenagers/Young Adults Nowadayssss..

Don't understand what are kids/teenagers/young adults thinking nowadays...referring to the recent XXXX couple who post their sex & nude photos online.

tskkkkkkkkkkkkk..BIG SIGHHHH!! 

worse is when they feel they did nothing wrong!!!! Goodness.. -.-

Yes, it is not wrong to have sex..but i guess publicizing the photos & videos to everyone is rather disturbing. Yes, since it is so disturbing to a person, that particular person can jolly well DON'T WATCH right??? curiosity is the word.

How will you feel if you are the parents of these kids/teenagers/young adults?? What will you do if your children do the "so-called crazy" acts that seems nothing wrong to them?? 

Seriously, I guess this make mi think thrice whether to have kids in future!! Not solely becos of this, but due to several accumulated real life encounters which I've seen myself. #childrenarescary

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