Sunday, 10 March 2013

Third Valentine's ♥

I'm so eager to blog at 10am on a Sunday morning cos of all the backdated entries this is my first entry on my "revamped" blog :D:D:D THANKS to the boy (*muacksss*)  , I managed to changed my template at ease;  & I'm so in ♥♥♥ with my blog now...looks so much more refreshing <3 Shall give no excuse & blog more diligently :)

This is my 3rd valentine's day with Baby. 

I used to feel (and is still having this thinking) that valentine's is a day that couples need to come together to celebrate; it need not be a extravagant one, just a simple & affordable meal is okay for me. Of cos, receiving a bouquet of flowers will make it perfect (cos you don't want to start envying & admiring other ladies' bouquet in their arms). 

Baby has been giving me flowers for the last 2 & current valentine's. It was a bouquet of 11 red roses (with 1 particular red rose that is cut away for a special reason <3) for the 1st year; a HAND-MADE from scratch red & pink rose with a polka dots pink tulip for the 2nd year & this year 6 pink roses, 9 red gerberas & 3 purple carnations. 

 First Valentine's

Second Valentine's with so much effort <3
Everything from scratch, from the flowers, to the gloss & the wrapping.

the Third :')
& my first bouquet recd which is delivered to my office (*with some shameless hinting*) :p

Baby I know you are reading this. Please note that from the next valentine's onwards, don't spend on those daylight robbery highly marked up flowers anymore kk; and I  mean it. I guess wanting to receive flowers on vdae is just that I want to be "loved" (which is sounds stupid) and don't want to feel that I'm the only girl without flowers (just don't want to envy other girls who rec'd flowers. I WANT TO HAVE MINE). But I guess as I aged grow wiser;  I think it is really unnecessary money spent as the bouquet will be in the rubbish chute in 2 weeks time. I rather you spend the money to buy me a pandora charm (MUWAHAHAHAHA :p) or any other small gifts. But of cos I don't mind you surprising me with a bouquet on any special day lahs...other that valentine's. Heheheheheh :D So, remember huh, Baby!!!!

Okay, back to our vdae dinner. Well, it is the 2nd time our vdae is spent over at TCC again, cos it's my birthday month & I'm entitled to 50% off 1st visit & 30% off the 2nd. So must well queue over at other restaurants & get chopped with their special vdae menus, must well enjoy my yearly affair with my fav aglio olio right? Somemore can make reservation...shiioook max!!

what we ordered & my smuggled in dessert from #TheTiramisuHero

 Ordered BerryMomma & MommaHero.
Honestly, I think this is kinda over-rated with the price, no doubt is tasted ok. 
I still prefer the tiramisu over the Poulet.

 Our Valentine's #oftd with Stripey :D

my first #craftholic

this is HIS valentine gift; which I gonna blog in my birthday post.

More Valentine's to celebrate with you only.
I ♥♥♥ YOU, creme brulee.

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