Sunday, 28 April 2013

31st Month

Time flies..we are 31mths old this 20th <3 
Decided to skip gym & go dating in town cos the boy is in need of a hair cut badly. 
our #oftd for dating.
we are always in our trusty berms (for b) & shorts (for me).

Becos Tim Ho Wan has very very CRAZYYY never ending snake queues...we decided on Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie for early dinner. Our first time dining at Canele & we are really satisfied with the food served :) Service over at the PS outlet is really thumbs up too :)

For Her: Cabonara Pasta
My verdict: The creamy sauce is kinda thick..have to eat it slowly in order not to feel jerlak. Comes with bacon bits & poached egg.

For Him: The Royal Breakfast 
His verdict: Not too bad, but normal, not really fantastic :\
Well, he is actually secretly aiming my Carbonara.
He thinks I dunno .___.

Was telling Baby how much I missed the macarons ever since I bought it for jH's birthday.
It is like a MUST-ORDER dessert!!!! 
Had these four & we were craving for more...
but we shall leave it to another time :)

People, pls tell me where to get yummy macarons if you happen to read my blog!!!
gonna try TWG the next time..but tea flavoured macarons feels abit weird :S
As for Ladurée macarons, i shall have it when I feel abit richer.
$3.80 for 1 macaron??? must well you give me buy bak chor mee?? :/

♥ ♥ ♥
counting down to 5 more mths <3

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