Saturday, 1 June 2013

New Hairstyle

 How do you like my new hairstyle?? :)

Always got the urge to cut my hair short, but on the other hand, fearing that it won't suit my squarish cum round face :SS Even if the face suit, a good hair stylist is very important. If he/she is not professional enough, you will look even worse than before. And cut already, later see other girls with long hair, heart itchy regret again how??? If don't look feminine enough how?? So, I've been contemplating for the LONGESSSSSST time already!! 

Q: To cut or not??? 
ZZzzzzzZZZz -.-

Coincidentally, Salon Vim is having 30% off their hair treatment for members. And becos my previously hairstyle makes mi look like an octupus (too much layering, stupid hairdresser >:( )I decided to make an appt with them to have my hair fix (hair treatment + cut it short if possible). Honestly, I don't pamper my hair at all. The no. of hair treatment I did in my entire life is definitely countable with just one hand :/ Thus, my hair was in such a dying, drying & frizzy stage that I think I look like this all time :< 

Requested for Stephanie Yeo as my hair stylist. Told her I really wanted a short hair & seek her professionalism if my face shape suit. Surprisingly, she gave me the green light. You can imagine how elated I am (no doubt still having some doubts how it will turn out) :DDDDDDD 


My new look after 2 hours of Arimino Privy Treatment (which I personally feel is not really fantastic for the price paid) plus cut.

Arimino Privy Treatment: $128.4 before 30% off
Hair Cut: $53.50 before 15% off
(7% GST inclusive)


PS: I've alrdy decided to cut it even shorter my next hair appt :P

Ohhh, not forgetting THANK YOU Jessica love for waiting & accompanying me that day. 
Promise not to upload your peektures, even though I'm tempted to!! 
Where got ugly lohs -.-


  1. hello, just to check, $128 is the treatment for your short hair right? not your long hair before u cut it off?
    thanks! :)

    1. hello palmtreehead, YAY $128.40 is the treatment cost for my short hair. For long hair, think it is around $160++ :)