Sunday, 12 October 2014

Wedding Journey Part I – Only the Beginning of #SCYESWEDO

Disclaimer: Before I start on my first wedding related post, I need to reiterate that all the entries on my wedding journey are based on personal views & opinions. Hence, apply those that you think is applicable to your wedding or reference those that you think is useful yay :) Nevertheless, thank you for reading my entries <3

In fact, I’ve actually blogged on the woes of my wedding preparation here. Reading back the entry I blogged 6 months ago (Omgggggg..I have not been updating this space here for almost 3 months. *Blows the thick layer of dust awayyyy*), I realised Sam & I have already ticked off some of the major items on the checklist.

So far I guess we are still on the track (I hope so??)
-          Collected our wedding bands & wedding pillow bears (can’t wait to show off the wedding pillow cos it    kinda exceed our expectation ^^)
-          Set our wedding date
-          Confirmed our wedding venue
-          Chosen our bridal studio
-          Confirmed our actual day photographer & videographer
-          Confirmed instant photo-booth vendor
-          Wedding bears gifted <3
Wedding Band
A picture of our wedding band (& engagement ring) since I’ve already posted on Instagram & facebook :D

I love my wedding band ALOTTTT even though it is not from Cartier, Bvlgari or Love & Co. We did check out Love & Co., Soo Kee and Goldheart beforehand but nothing catches our eye. We are not looking for high end brands due to the cost. Since we will be wearing the band daily, wear & tear is inevitable. Moreover I’m a very rough & careless person; so not point getting costly rings. The proposal ring is enough :)
Love how the band looks sleek on my ring finger & that row of diamond pieces on the band… *bling bling*. In fact, this was not the original ring design I paid for; I changed my mind after a coffee session & thankfully I made the change.
Our original pair. Couldn't capture the bling on the ring really well.


This is another pair which I was considering as well. The difference between both bands is the "band" surrounding the diamonds. Somehow, I love the band design. However, this is slightly different from the one I chose as seen above. The one I chose has this criss-cross design.

Sam’s ring is still the same; only I changed the design.  Fickle minded is my character >< The original wedding band I chose looks a little like Tiff & Co inspired, & it looks really perfect when worn together with the proposal ring. But when worn alone, I find that it lack the “band” feel. Moreover, I don’t think I will be wearing my proposal ring often (only on special occasions), so I personally would prefer to have a wedding band that actually looks/feels like a band when worn. I hope I din confuse you by what I mean :p
Our wedding band does not come in a pair; we chose whichever designs that caught our eye & suits our ring finger to form a pair. 

Wedding pillow bears, which we only manage to collect after the 4th trip to the jeweller (so pissed with them), will only be shown on our ROM day :p Stay tuned..heheh!

Wedding Date
16 May 2015 (Saturday); Wedding Lunch
Unhappiness stuffs on finalising the wedding date aside; I come to realise it is very important to have your wedding date advised & given by a licensed geomancer. Just be safe than sorry. It is a once in a lifetime event for both of you. You never know if the date you have chosen is really auspicious nor will it have any major impact on anyone. Yes, you will probably choose a date that doesn’t clash with certain zodiacs, but still you never know on the “hidden impact” to anyone (if you know what I mean).

To believe or not is the couple’s choice.

My say is if you have decided to ignore/forgo all the traditional beliefs, go ALL THE WAY with it. Stay positive & don’t get affected by any negative comments.

If you are like me, more to the “bang tan” side, I would really suggest heeding the geomancer’s advice. Don’t think any further. Honestly, I don’t want to see myself or anyone being sacrificed due to my wedding date.

Looking back, I am thankful that my aunt reprimanded me for not wanting to wait for the auspicious date from the geomancer & wanting to choose the earliest auspicious date from the list of 2015 auspicious dates provided by wedding forums. Like so desperate to get marry lidat -.-

Remember; this is your once in a lifetime event & you want to make it your BEST!! :)
Wedding Venue
Guess where? Heheheheh :p

√ Centralised location & near to MRT

√ Only ballroom in the hotel. No pillars; Have high ceilings.

We confirm our hotel during a wedding show held in April.

Prior to our confirmed hotel venue, we only viewed the ballroom at Park Royal @ Pickering. In fact, I slotted several other hotel viewings over the weekends; never did I expect Sam would confirm our venue so fast. We hardly make hasty decision, especially those involve $$$$. I guess he was just too worn-out after all (actually only 2-3 -.-“) the bridal studios visits. Tskkkkkkk…

Our coordinator has been very pleasant, accommodating & prompt in her replies to our enquiries. Cross fingers she will be with the hotel all the way till our wedding day.

1) Call up the hotels & check with the events department on the upcoming wedding lunch/dinner banquet held by other couples. You can head down to the ballroom 1.5hr prior to the banquet to check out the set-up of the ballroom & reception area.

2) View the bridal suites before signing the wedding contract. Ensure that the room is spacious enough to cater to at least 8 people (i.e. parents from both side, the wedding couple, MUA etccc..). You don’t get to book bridal suites for staycation always; so make sure the suite is to both of your satisfaction. Try asking for second night stay free as well.

3) “Bargain” for all the throw-ins available.  (i.e. 1 bottle of wine per confirmed table etc…)

Bridal Studio

Went to 6 bridal studios to check out on their packages; of which 3 are accompanied by Sam & the remaining 3 are with Jessica. Thank you to “OH My Pretty Gf, Jessica!” once again <3 Rest assured that I will definitely be there for your gown hunting when you need me :)

I wouldn't deny that it is rather tiring in search of that perfect gown, perfect pre-wedding photographer & perfect package with the studio. Yes; Sam & I chose to sign up the full package with the bridal studio to minimise cost & time. Ironically, I pretty enjoy popping by bridal studios to try on their beautiful gownssssss & snapping pictures secretly… heee!
The 6 studios I went are:-
-          Bridal Affairs
-          La Belle Couture
-          My Bridal Room
-          Digio Bridal
-          Rico Amona
-          Sophia Wedding
I might go into the individually packages that the studios offered in a separate entry; if time permits though >< Very packed with meeting Interior Designers for our upcoming house. Ohhhh, if there are any IDs that are recommended, pls indly share with me (You can drop me an email at Thank you in advance :))

Meanwhile, bride/groom-to-be..enjoy the process in search of your perfect gowns/suits!! Do try the different cuttings, designs, colours etc …you never know that actually the one which you least preferred might turn out to suit you the BEST. Also if you favour a particular gown cutting (e.g. ball gown), do ensure that the bridal studio does carry a wide variety ball gown for you to choose from.

As for the packages, don’t be shy to ask for more throw ins (i.e. photos, pages, gowns/suits etc). BE THICK-SKIN!!!! :P

AD Photographer, Videographer & Instant Booth Vendor

Well, I admit that I literally MASS EMAIL the entire photographer/videographer/instant booth companies which I came across in FB ><  Anyway it’s FREE; Email them to ask for quotations only. HAHAHAHA.

Our PG & VG are from different companies; PG does have a company but only provide photography whereas VG is doing freelance shooting. However, both of them have been working with each other for quite some time. Hence, I decided to engage both of them. Firstly, it will be slightly cheaper and secondly, they will have a better rapport when doing the photo/video-shooting.

Some hoo-has did happened prior to our confirmation on our AD PG & VG. Just crossing fingers that all 3 of them won’t disappoint Sam & I on our BIG day. I am also hoping that I have time to keep utilizing the instant booth.

Wedding Bears

My cute little set of wedding bears gifted by BFF & BDF <3 <3 Extremely ecstatic that the set they got me is what I have been finding. THANK YOUUUU X123456789
I am still deciding if I should set the theme of my wedding to be in-line with my wedding bear.
Do stay tuned to Wedding Journey Part II yay  :D


  1. Congrats! I am also in the midst of planning.. i am getting lazy and also frustrated! Did you got your rings from JP ? coz look familiar!!! Mine was from JP!

    1. Hello babe (: Yes my rings are from JP. Congrats babe, when is your big day? Btw your sneaks on the pre-wedding shoot looks really good!! :D