Monday, 30 March 2015

In Loving Memory. #RememberingLKY

Dear Mr Lee,

You are like a father or a grandfather to all the fellow Singaporeans. To most of us, you are our hero; the most extraordinary, respectable man. To be honest, I don't read much about you. I hardly listen to any of your speeches, neither do I read any of your books nor your news. To me, I only know you as Singapore's founding father and you have contribute your whole life to build up this little red dot to what it is today. 

5 Feb 2015 - You were hospitalized. Despite your sickness, you fought strong. 

23 March 2015 - Monday, 3:18am. 
You left behind all of your children and grandchildren. You left behind the whole nation; all the citizens.

It was during this period that I know better of you, that I read more about you and every little details about you.

7 days of mourning. I believe it has been a very heavy and emotional week for everyone around the world. It was indeed for me. I didn't expect that your death will be such a huge blow to me.

29 March 2015 - Sunday, 12:30pm - 6:10pm. The most dreaded day for all of us. It was the day this farewell was for ever.

Forgive my "selfishness" and being superstitious (due to my upcoming wedding), I did not pay you my last respect for the past 4 days. I did not send you off during your last journey with us today. I merely kept you in my prayers and keep my memory of you deep down inside my heart. No matter how much I wish I had did something, I did nothing in the end. 

For this, I got myself a lifetime of regret.

Mr Lee, I hope you have already reunited with Mrs Lee and live happily thereafter with her for the rest of your life. Rest assured that We the citizens of as Singapore, will pledge ourselves as one united nation. We will continue your legacy, values, determination, perseverance and spirit to build up Singapore.

My utmost respect to you, Sir. You made me proud to call myself a Singaporean. Thank you for laying the ground for us and everything that you have done for the nation. 

Farewell Sir; May you rest in peace. 

In loving memory. 1923 - 2015.

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