Saturday, 16 June 2012

Saturday Date w/ SALON VIM, Kim Dae Mun Korean Food & Cold Stone Creamery

Resume back our tanning & jogging sessions on Saturday given the good weather. Need to tan off the tan-line on my shoulders else I’ll look hideous on brulee’ bro’s wedding since I alrdy plan to wear a toga. The tan-line is so unsightly for me to appear pretty infront of the camera lohs….*must look meimei also though I’m not the limelight on that day lahs :p* woman’s nature..heheheheh :DDDD

Hopefully with my last tan next sat, the tan-line will be less obvious :(

Prepared & headed for our Salon Vim appt with John at 4.45pm. All decked in Agneselle for a sunny Saturday. Also pictures of our previous hairstyle…..

So coincidence, Michelle whatsapp me after seeing my tweet that I’m heading to Salon Vim….& we were in the same train!!! So qiao lahs…LOL!! But this Mich very cute de, she was telling me as her usual salon was fully booked; she decided to try out Salon Vim after hearing all the WOWSSS reviews. Asked her which stylist she requested, she say she nv request -.- Then I tell her, “Scarly they assigned a director to TRIM ur hair”. She panicccccc…HAHAHAHAHA :p Luckily there is still a senior stylist - Katherine for her…whom I feel she did an awesome job to Mich’s bob hairstyle. She looks so chiiiiooo after the haircut, but too bad din mng to take any pics with her cos she was rushing to meet her friends. Apparently, her haircut process took a lil’ too long, 1 & 1/2hrs to trim her alrdy tidy bob -.- TOO DETAILED as quoted by Michelle. But worth the $$$ mahs :p

Back to my appt!! Salon Vim was quite pack that day & we only manage to sit in only arnd 5pm. Bought myself a pair of pastel yellow shorts from MANGO during this 15mins of waiting :SSSS Must buy de lahs… discounted from $49 to $29 lehs!!!!!!

Have been wanting to try Salon Vim’s services which I blog here. Fixed my appt 3 wks ago after checking all the rates. Shall summarise all the enquiries I’ve checked :)

[pics credit to]

Quote bloggers’ name: 10% off full hair services; meaning no discount for trimming of fringe, wash & blow etc….

Purchase Membership Card:

1) 15% off full hair services;
2) 20% on top of the 15% on ur birthday mth.

$53.50 ($50 credit + 7% gst which is non-refundable). You have to drop by Salon Vim at least 1 day before to purchase the membership card in order for u to utilize the $50 credits & at the same time enjoy the 15% discount on the day of ur appt. It seems that the card needs 1 day to activate.
There are 3 types of hairstylists at Salon Vim; i.e. Senior Stylist, Director Stylist & Director. John is Director Stylist. Their charges (not including 7% gst) as follows:-

Senior Stylist: $40 (man); $50 (woman)
Director Stylist: $50 (man); $60 (woman)
Director: $55 (man); $70 (woman)

Sat in & was welcomed with our choice of drinks & a packet of biscuit. It was only approx 15mins of “seat warming”, the very busy John then can attend to brulee & me:/ Introduced himself prior to understanding our “hair requirements” from him and also “analyzing” our hair texture.

Like what other hair-salons does, the first step is to wash our hair. Was led to a slightly dimmed “hair-washing” area by a female staff. Shampooed, followed by a 10mins head massage. After-which I was left there to wait for John while he trimmed & style brulee’s hair :X

Finally my turn after approx 45mins!! >< John mentioned that I’ve fine hair, not those coarse & thick types. Told him my main concern is my fringe which always appear flatten & shapeless after it grows thus I wanted a hairstyle with more volume.  John went through with me the different segments & procedures on how he is going to trim my hair. He also taught me how to blow my fringe to make it appear my “pong”.

Ta-dahhhh this is my final results. Looks as though I’ve perm my hair, in fact they are just curls created frm the blowing & curling brush. No courage to do permanent curls cos I’m afraid I’ll appear older than brulee :((( #ihaveaboyishlookingboyf & surprising my haircut process is shorter than Michelle’s O.o”

Overall experience from brulee: Not very satisfied of the result with the amount he paid for. Grumbling like some auntie until I angry. *ROARS* He finds that his final haircut makes him appear uglier without styling -.- But I explain to him think John cuts accordingly to his concerns just that bo bian, requires more styling. Thus, no photos of him after his haircut cos he refused to let mi tk :( now #ihaveamafanboyishlookingboyf. Blahhhhhhh…..

Overall experience from me: Slightly above satisfactory of my final outcome only. My hair just appears neater & shorter overall. Fringe still appears a little flat & keeps dropping, covering my eyes. Perhaps more blowing must be practice since I’ve specially bought the curling brush. Shall monitor my hair for another 2 more mths for the final outcome. If I still encounter the same probs, I guess it is just my hair/head issue; not the stylist.

No doubt $60 before the 15% discount is not very pricey for my hair length & in view that I only trim my hair every 5mths, I would probably still go for a cheaper hair-stylist given the same results.

PS: My current home-based hair-stylist located at AMK only charges me less than $20 for my hair cut & less than $200 for my haircut + treatment + trim. Been with her for >8yrs, so far my hair condition is still doing well. If not for the location, I will have visit her more often instead of every 5-6mths or even once a yr :(

But but but…..i’ll definitely visit Salon Vim again during my birthday mth. SO DAMN WORTH IT….MUWAHAHAHAHAHA :p

Salon Vim by Chez Vous
313 @ Somerset Orchard Road
Singapore 238895

Opening Hours :
Monday to Friday 11am - 9.30pm
Saturday to Sunday 10.30am - 9.30pm
Tel: 68847757 / 68847767

Proceed to Kim Dae Mun Korean Food after our haircut. Korean food is one of my FAVOURITE cuisine after Chinese, Thai, Jap & Italian cuisine (hmmmm...seems that I've listed all the cuisine?? :p).

As usual the food collection queue is forever very long cos their business is exceptionally good. Basically I think almost 75% who come to this food court will have the Korean Food. Cheap & tasty; & the portion is just sufficient for a dinosaur me (so I guess it will be more than sufficient for most pple). Below dishes are highly recommend by me :))

Spicy Shredded Chicken Set - S$6.50

Spicy Chicken Soup Set - S$6.50

  Potato Pancake - S$3.50
(This is da-boooomz, esp with the spicy soya sauce)

Kim Dae Mun Korean Food
100 Orchard Road
Level 1 Concorde Food Court
(form Meridian Shopping Centre)

Mint Ice-cream w/choco chips & brownie
Conclusion: FATTENING!!! ><"


  1. eh? i left a comment and it disappeared! anyway babe, i think your hair looks better with this length, more volumized as well :) And i'm sure sam's hair isn't that bad la ;)

  2. hehehehee..thanks lover!! thats what John say too, longer very hard hv volume!! i wan PL's hair lahs!!! LOL....

  3. just have to comment my dear. super chio and i tink u look awesome!! curious to see ur bf hair im sure its not that bad ! my bf is super mafan about his hair and nags like woman if it issn't nice sigh. we are much easier to please. stay chio! <3

  4. awwwwww u r so sweeeeet with ur comments babe :) u r the chio one :) & boyf also very particular abit his everything, prepare longer than me -.-||

  5. Hi candice, just to clarify, is the membership for salon vim $53.50?

    1. Hi babe!! yes it is $53.50 ($50 credit + 7% gst which is non-refundable) :)

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  7. Hmm I was expecting Salon Vim to be better given the reviews at  but I guess there are ups and downs for every salon? Still, I thought your hair looked good!

  8. We think your hair looks amazing!!! Wish we could see Brulee's hair :)

    We just launched a new website in Singapore called The site helps people find the best hair salons (and stylists), it would be sooooooo awesome if you could do a really quick review of Salon Vim on the site. Last week we had over 15,000 visitors trying to find a new hair salon, your advice and review of the Salon Vim would be really cool and honest and really help people :)

    Also, we are always look for models to take part in hair photo shoots we do with salons like Toni&Guy and Artisan. They are great fun and you get a free haircut or style :) if you would like to do it please msg us

    Keep Blogging, it's awesome!!!!


  9. Hi babe,

    The salon vim membership last a year or is lifetime? :)
    Your posts is really informative. :)

    1. hi babe, if I'm not wrong, it is a lifetime membership :)
      thanks for your encouragement :DDD