Sunday, 13 May 2012

Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice & Self-Made Soya Beancurd Pudding

Saturday was well-spent with swimming (for brulee only since i dunno how to swim :((( #iwantlearnswimming) tanning & running. running really makes mi train my mind stronger. Sometimes right from my first step, i feel tired & want to stop already. but seeing how many can run for marathons, makes mi push myself a lil' harder. i want to participate in NIKE 2012 marathon if there is (*actually more gian of the freebies :p)

after which, headed to Parkway Parade for brulee's haircut. so craving for Spicy nuggets that we decided to share a meal since it was alrdy 4pm (& that was our first meal of the day). *YUM TUM TUM* #ilovespicynuggets

walk around Parkway before we settle our dinner at Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice @East Coast Road. Chicken rice is my FAVOURITE food. i can eat chicken rice everyday, provided they are up-to-my-standard :)

the must have for chicken rice - the chilli must be POWER then nice :)
but i find their chilli not spicy enough. garlic taste also not strong.

why rice so small bowl? >:(
where got enough. i'm 饭桶 lohs ><   

Chicky worth S$7 but like so little :SS
TO -DIE-FOR Fried Golden Tofu - S$6

the tofu is so cripsy outside, & so silky inside.
even brulee who doesn't like tofu LOVESSSSS this!!
he describes the tofu inside taste like 老伴
he says "just give me this plate of tofu w/2 bowls of rice can le"

On a side note, we tried to do our own 老伴. I would say is almost 90% successful, just that i think 1) more instant jelly powder is required to make mi more in pudding form (instead of it being too watery) & 2) use a more natural taste of soya milk (instead of vitasoy).

Shall take more pics on my second attempt with brulee :DDDD

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