Monday, 14 May 2012

MUSEE 1st session

Such a BLUUUUEEEEEE Monday today. Monday is officially the day of that week that I hate most. Lucky Monday has passed :(

Met Emmy babe after work to pass her my LB Camilla Corset which I intend to sold. I guess the top shld goes to a better owner lahs....& no doubt Emmy babe looks so hawt in the corset. her *ahem ahem* makes my nose bleeeeeddd lohs. HAHAHAHAHA :p whereas for me, I look like some stuffed chicken man :X 

this girl is so funny. i was trying to spot her among the swarm of people coming down of the escalator, then my side view suddenly see this "overly excited" girl waving her hand high up. of cos i need to see who this person is lahs!! HAHAHAHA. :DDD first time chatting with Emmy babe in real & we just stood in the middle of the most traumatizing station during peak hrs - Raffles Mrt. It's such a pleasure talking to her, definitely easy to click type. & her height & eyes are the best assets every girl would ask for. I just keep staring at her (hopefully she din realise :p) I swear i'm so gonna take lotsa peektures with her on the next shopaholic outing :DDDD

Headed to MUSEE for my 1st IPL treatment. I was attended to by a Malay consultant, whom is rather friendly still. She helped me to shave, cleanse & apply the gel before zapping. Pain factor only 1/10?? & the best part is the whole treatment lasted only for a mere 5mins #wth O.o FASTER than my eyebrow trimming session???? 

I checked checked my underarm, still got some hair lehs. not like very clean >:(( i ask the consultant she mentioned is normal. REALLLLLYYYY MEHHHHH??? they better dun cheat my $$$$$$$ lohs!! i going make sure every strand of hair is gone man since mine is unlimited de. >:((((((

REMINDER to myself: collect my FREEEEE Japan Facial Massager & Ginger Massage Gel during my 2nd session. Cannot let them 赚到!!


  1. Yes, its normal. especially that was only your first session. hair still will grow. perhaps you will really see the results after 3 sessions :) i have completed 9 sessions! loving the results! Cheers!

  2. hey babe!! THANKSSSS for your assurance :DDD now i fell more balance. hehehe :) which outlet u went?? :)

  3. I go orchard point outlet :) But i feel that the service gets worse nowadays! :x especially for one of the therapist at orchard point outlet! She does the treatment like a robot and she is damn rough! i hope you never get to meet her for your treatment!!!