Wednesday, 16 May 2012


My 1st HATRED question/opinion in Formspring O.o

Dear Someone,

First of all, THANKS to your "honest opinion" lehs. Your suggestion is taken into but whether or not I make it effective, is still my CHOICE :))

Seriously, I strongly believe you should get a life of yours rather than go around leaving comments in people's formspring with your so-called honest opinion. May I also ask who is the shopaholic gang you are referring to?? I really very curious to know lehs :X I've alot of shopaholic friends from twitter & they hold different professional in the working industries or studying in well-known school. They ranges from my sec sch friends to my online shpg friends. They are all well-mannered, pretty, friendly, kind etc etc....So tell mi why you hate them like seriously??? 

So tell me why u feel that I'm bootlicking them?? For what reason(s) must I bootlick them? I really dun understand this, so pls enlighten me on this :) Neither are they my bosses (whom determine my salary), colleagues (whom I spend 1/2 of my day with) or some rich fellas (whom I need to depend my life upon). & fyi, I dun even bootlick to my bosses lohs :/ Most of my twitter friends just purely true friends whom I met online & have common interest with - SHOPPING!! Of cos when you have common interest with someone, there is common topic to talk more abt right??

I assume u refer bootlicking as commenting they look nice/pretty in their OTDs or get together with them for gathering?? So don't tell me you don't compliment your friends (whom i hope you have some genuine ones)or loved ones when they look good? You won't be curious like where they get their pretty loots from? You won't see how people dress & maybe learnt some fashion sense out from them if they dresses well?

As for gathering - ehhhh have you ever chat with people you only chat online (for my era is like IRC & ICQ) but never met before? Then you guys chat & chat & can talk for very long & well. SO you not curious how they look meh?? grrrrrrrr....of course must MEET lahs!! Meet face to face is MORE REAL than behind the online/internet world what. Unless you 见不得人 >.<

Thanks for liking me & my reviews in BOS in the past. sad that you don't like now :( but nvm since I dunno you, I think is still okay without ur love :) I still have my dearest family/relatives, boyfriend & all my friends'  

I wish you well & pls consider un-following me in FS/twitter if you really dislike me. 

PS: you so "special"..i dedicate a blog entry to you lehs. tskkkkk..