Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Rich & Good Cake Shop

Bad start to a Tuesday morning w/ some minor nonsense disputes again >:(( Why can’t there be some peace and agreement, with MORE LOVE & CONCERN?? If separation is what you have been thinking of now, why start in the first place??? So to you, separation is so easily done than said?? #FML1

Anyway, last week, my department had this mass ordering for Rich & Good Swiss Rolls. Though I’ve heard a lot of fantastic reviews abt the COSTLY swiss roll, I’ve yet to try any. So now, of course have to grab hold of this opportunity to order w/o requiring me to queue lahs :DD & definitely THANKSSSS to all my twitter peeps, I decided on my orders with 1 Kaya + 1 Durian for my family & 1 Kaya for brulee.

True enough the Swiss Roll is YUMMMY!! Kinda moist which I like..hate those dry cakes which the crumbs will fall when I bite it. Prefer the Kaya over the Durian though. Not very sweeeet. MAJOR LOVE!!!! Hope there will be another circulation real soon man!! :DDD but quite ex...1 roll for $7.50 :X

Kaya in full length.
Durian in half length; the other half given to brulee :)

Some lil’ "rants" on my current job….

2 months & 1 week into my new job, I’m still doing reading. I can read 1 SINGLE file for several days man. Not much routine roles for me yet :( Some might envy, but don’t k…cos seriously I rather I’m given some work to do which keeps me busy all the way to maybe 5.30pm. last 30mins for me to rest before I leave for the day :< The more I read, the more confused im (I need hands on…NOT reading to understand), the more tired & slpy im =.=” & the more sleepy im, the more hungry I feel & I tend to snack more, which result in a FATTER me!!! #FML2

then sometimes my mentor behaves in a way like we must stay damn low profile in the office. always need to look out for my boss. cannot be too loud. cannot do wrong things, that includes placing the file on the correct side of my boss's table -.- very exaggerating sometimes i feel. then sometimes nv really answer my qns to the point, dunno turn one big round to where -.- but still she is still a very caring & patient mentor. just a lil too cautious of the boss to a certain extend?? 

- end of rant-


  1. the swiss rolls look like towel! Can i use it for my sleep tonight??? :D

  2. baby: u r so irritating. nxt time dun buy for u :p

    yt: YAY YAY!! is quite nice lehs. but ex :((