Saturday, 26 May 2012

REVIEWSSSS on Amber Avenue, Megagamie, The Velvet Dolls & Topshop Poppy Prints Bralet

Manage to pop by KJ on Thurs evening to chck out on some of the upcoming loots which has been stocked in. Not much new items from TTR/TCL/MGG that has caught my attention though :( mostly are alrdy launched items or items that I’ll prolly save my $$ on :) So below are my humble reviews on what I’ve tried :))

Amber Avenue Floral Denim Bustier Top – Light/Dark (Size M) (Upcoming)

The prints are soooooo similar to LRH Hooked Denim Bloom Bustier Top in Washed & Classic!! I was tempted to get my pc from LRH initially till I saw AA’s preview. I tot must well try AA’s for a different design to my LRH Hooked White Floral Bustier Top.

-          Tagged S$31.90 at KJ.

-          Elastic band at the back.
-          Bust area not padded. No under-wire under bust or body area as well.
-          Front zipper for easy wearing.
-          Denim is rather stretchable & THICKER as compared to LRH.
-          Size M fits me comfortably at the ptp & waist area.
-          Length ends around my midriff; thus high waist bottoms will be recommended if you don’t feel comfortable revealing tummy area like me.

Both the light & dark denim are equally gorgeous with the floral prints. Will definitely get this if is not priced way more than what LRH priced :)

Amber Avenue Boyfriend Blazer – Crimson (Size M) /White (Size S) (Upcoming)
There are so many different kinds of blazers selling online, till I really dunno which to get. Anyway, I seldom wear outer wear like cardigan or blazers, unless required to. Definitely not a blazer person just to match my outfit. The crazy SG weather just doesn’t allow me to do this!!!

-          Tagged S$39.90 at KJ.

-          The Crimson pc (Size M) feels too big on me. But Pamela states that it should be over size since it is supposed to be a boyfriend blazer :/
-          The White pc (Size S) fits me just slightly snug, but still acceptable. Prefer this size though.
-          Blazer is of comfy cotton. Very lightly sponged feel.
-          Fully lined; single button closure at the front.
-          If I nv rmb wrongly, the shoulder is slightly padded as well :X Cant really rmb cos the whole pc feels a lil’ spongy, which is quite comfy :)
-          Colous available are: Black, Crimson & White.
-          Personally prefer the white over crimson pc.

Amber Avenue Carter Floral Bustier Dress – Black (Size S) (Launched)
Once again, the prints on this dress are almost 99.9% similar to LRH. No Size M for the black pc so I just squeeze myself through the Size S.

-          Non-removable padded bust area.

-          Adjustable straps. Left side zip.
-          No under-wire below the cups or body area.
-          Much thicker cotton rayon material compared to LRH ones, which is thinner.
-          Not lined. Not sheer.
-          Tight for me at the PTP area since is Size S; but fits rather comfortably at the waist & hips area due to the elastic back.

Since Size S fits me nicely except for the PTP issue, I doubt I will get the Size M which I assume it might be loose all over no doubt it fits nicely at the PTP.

Megagamie Skinnies – Mint (Size M) (Upcoming)
The mint colour caught my attention among the rack of long pants. However after matching the pants infront of the mirror, I feel that I won’t suit the pants though the colour is rather unique & “IN”. Still I tried in on physically :p

-          Tagged S$36.90 at KJ.

-          NO MGG label. So I guess it is not self-manufactured.
-          Very refreshing mint colour.
-          Highly stretchable rayon material.
-          Size M fits me slightly loose as it hangs around my hips area, but still acceptable. Thigh area fits okay, but I don’t like it to hug around my thunderous calves :(
-          Length just nice for me.
-          Seamless undies will be recommended for this pants, else VPL will be obvious.
-          Colous available are: Black, Mint, Purple (Grimace Purple colour) & Fluoro Yellow (Bright Yellow; not pastel as shown in MGG fb page).

Still thinking if I should get the pants if launch cos firstly I personally purchases only self-manufactured items & secondly, my calves are the main concern :((

The Velvet Dolls Wonderland Floral Shorts - Black / White (Size M) (Upcoming)

-          Tagged S$30.90 at KJ. (if i nv rmb wrongly :<)
-          Size M fits me comfortably at the waist & thigh area. 
-          Material is quite stretchable, with inner lining.
-          Back Zip; No pockets
-          Colous available are: Black, White & Pink Floral

The Velvet Dolls Garden of Eden Floral Blazer in Blue (Size S) (Launched)
Don't think I suit floral blazer & carry out the beauty of it without looking like an auntie. Nevertheless I just gave it a try since it is available on the rack. Size S fits me snugly though, but since it is the only size available on the rack, no choice :/ More details of the blazer can be found on TVD.lj :)

Topshop Poppy Print Bralet (UK10)
Similar to the porcelain bralet from Toshop, this pc is also tagged at S$69!! & the floral prints are as attractive!!!! Very refreshing & bright floral prints. SOOOOOO tempted to get a pc if not for the high cost >< 


  1. hi babe
    love your loots, esp the last picture.May I know where did u get the skirt that match ur topshop bralet?thanks

  2. hi babe!! thanks for loving my reviewss :))

    that skirt is from Catwalkclose Velle Circle Skirt in Midnight Blue. In fact i tot of selling it :)