Saturday, 23 June 2012

4 months passed.......& Reviews on Agneselle & The Closet Lover

I still remember vividly, YOU lying on the hospital bed gasping for air, exactly 4 months ago :’(( that moment still appear fresh in my mind & the thought of you just bring tears to my eyes unknowingly. Frankly, I do not have the courage to think much of you too much, cos I know I will just cry :’(((( I MISS YOU, ah ma!! Hope u are really in a greater & happier place.

Went for our weekly exercise after my praying to ah ma at the temple. Brulee & I really got too much excess fatssss & kilosssss to shed off, that in fact once a week of exercising is NOT ADEQUATE at all!!! But as of now, our short term goal is to look nice on his bro’s wedding (since there will be a lot of relatives as well). Long term goal is for our own health, image & probably our wedding, if we are holding one :))

Some reviews on the loots that I recd……

Agneselle Michelle Lace Top in White
-           This top fits me just nice. No tight feeling at all; so I reckon this top can fit up to a BIG UK8 to small UK10 easily.
-           The lace details are really gorgeous & smooth to touch; I don’t feel prickly/itchy at all.
-           Comes with stretchable inner lining & adjustable straps. Side zip is on the right side of the top for easy wearing.
-           Even though bust areas come padded, there is still allowance for me to wear a bra.
-           Length is of appropriate length; can match with any bottom tucked in/out without difficulty.
-           Lace top can be worn as a tube as well; by tucking in the straps. However it is slightly loose for me if worn as a tube cos I’m not busty enough :(

Agneselle Pearl Collar Chiffon Top in Pink
-           This top can fit up to a UK10 easily. I suppose this is meant to be worn loose fitting.
-           Chiffon used is of thick quality kind. Not those flimsy thin chiffon materials.
-           Absolutely IN LOVE with the pearl details on the collars & shoulder parts. I suppose all the pearls are sewn on by machine cos some are hanging a little loosely. But not to the extent it will drop when I touch it. Comes in a combination of pinkish & purplish pearls.
-           Functional front buttons are hidden by the additional chiffon flap.
-           Slightly sheer; so nude lingerie or inner wear is recommended. Will prefer to wear nude undergarments though :)
-           Length is slightly longer than Michelle Lace top. But with this length, I can tucked in or wear it as an outer wear by unbuttoning the last few buttons & tying a front knot easily.
-           A very very sweet pink top that I can't wait to wear……

The Closet Lover Suede Tote Bag in Cream
Had a hard time deciding between the black & cream pc during the launch. The cream was love at first sight but what holds me back is the higher maintenance for it. Cream gets dirty easily so extra care is definitely needed. Find black rather boring, but not much maintenance will be involved though.
-           A very roomy bag that comes with a short handle & long adjustable sling strap.
-           Short handle is kinda short for me to hang it around my shoulder.
-           The whole bag is made of quality faux leather & only the front part & zipper is made of suede.
-           Zipper & other hardware parts are gold in colour but I guess they get tarnished easily.
-           Bag itself is not heavy; rather light-weight I would say, which is a PLUS point cos imagine bags which are already very heavy when it is empty!!! You won’t feel like carrying the bag at all.
-           Cream is equally easy to match as black; just that more “maintenance” is needed & must ensure it is not paired with dark coloured clothings, esp denim, to prevent colour runs.

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