Friday, 22 June 2012

Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ Buffet

Ever since I knew abt Ssikkek having another outlet which is only less than 5mins away from my house, I’m soooooooo eager to try it out, like try it out IMMEDIATELY!!

Initially brulee & I were quite hesitant as we are supposed to be on diet (i.e. his bro’s wedding this coming sat), & since it is a bbq buffet, the amount we consume will be of cos MUCH MOREEEEEEE :( But the gluttonous me feel that buffet don’t really make a major difference when compared to having those set meals + sides in restaurants. It is just the qty we consume, so I reminded myself NOT to overeat in Ssikkek & I’ll be FINEEEEEE!!! *hopeless glutton* #faildiet

Not wanting to disappoint me, brulee agreed to joining my mum & me in the bbq eventually :DDD #ilovemyboyfriend Hoooooooooooorayyyy~

Basically, Ssikkek Korean BBQ is the subsidiary outlet of the very famous 2D1N Shouju Bang which is located at Tg Pagar. Personally I’ve tried 2D1N thrice, Ssikkek @Novena Ville once & this time round, Ssikkek @Oriental Plaza Branch. Out of the 3 outlets I went, personally I prefer the Oriental Plaza branch the BEST!!

Whyyyyy sooooooo???
1)         It’s SOOOOOOOOO near my house!!! Less than 5mins walk only :DDDDDD
2)         The ventilation is the BESTTTT. Brulee was wearing long sleeve (cos it’s a Friday & he needs to dress smartly for his work) during our visit there, he din even feel hot & sweaty at all. Of cos you will still smell of BBQ when you are done……
3)         Food grabbing area is so much more spacious as it is situated right in the middle; unlike for the Novena outlet & 2D1N which is more restrictive since it is positioned right at one corner.
4)         BBQ food varieties are almost similar among the 3 outlets. Meats are well-marinated & very very tasty. Prawns & squids are available too.
5)         Cooked food varieties seem to be better over at the Oriental Plaza branch. They have some “seasonal” items such as Rice cakes, “Gu Chye” Omelette, braised chicken etcccc… Also a special “Action Station” corner for some specialties :)
6)         All 3 outlets served traditional Japanese rice, seaweed miso soup & fruits.
7)         FREE-FLOW of soft drinks & lime juice (the lime juice are NOT diluted at all) are available at the Oriental Plaza outlet. If I nv remember wrongly, any other drinks except for the ice-water are chargeable at 2D1N & Novena branch.
8)         Floor is very very slippery at 2D1N….you have to walk very SLOWLY to prevent falling. Novena branch is still considered moderately slippery. Oriental branch is not really slippery.
9)         Very strong stove & gas used at 2D1N & Novena outlet. Food gets cooked really easily. The Oriental branch is somehow slightly slower only. The difference might be due to the former 2 using aluminum foil, whereas the latter is not.
10)       With almost the same price (i.e. S$26 NETT incl. Svc, GST & drinks at Oriental Plaza), you get to enjoy your Korean bbq moreeeeeeeee!!!!! Yippie~~

Ohhhhh…1 impt thing to take note.. Oriental Plaza branch limits each table to 2hrs maximum for wkends. Personally I think this arrangement is excellent cos my mum, brulee & I were literally full after 1hr of meat. & in this way, they can cater for more customers & prevent table hogging (ps:imagine u are the one queuing outside & you see people inside done with their food but still not moving their ass >’( #pissed)

Will definitely come back for moreeeeeee….hopefully the queue will NOT be as crazy as 2D1N & the Novena Ville outlet; or better still they can expand to a bigger space since there are still unused area that is waiting to be lease out.

Korean Grill BBQ Buffet
291 New Bridge Road
#01-01 Oriental Plaza
Singapore 088756

Tel: 6225 6964
Operating Hrs:
Lunch: 11:30 – 14:30 (Mon-Fri)
Dinner: 17:30 – 22:00 (Mon-Sun & PH) 

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