Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Just last year end, my maomao got a very good offer to be attached to her company in London branch for 9mths. Such rare & superb opportunity of cos cannot give up easily lahs….so off she went……

6 months passed, she is finally back last week. But back merely for 2 weeks; purpose is to attend her bff’s wedding nxt Sunday :) So I tk this chance to meetup with her…missing her so much :*)

In fact I’d actually meet her for lunch last Wednesday. However lunch hrs are so tight >< only can chat up abit, chop chop my lunch & go back office lohs. *SIANZ* Hence we meet again for dinner on Monday evening! Grace was supposed to join us too but couldn’t eventually cos she is sick :( *MISSSSS YOU ALOT GRACE~!* Looking forward to meeting July & u soooon :D

Settle for TCC 1-1......

Ice Lemon Tea

Potato Wedges w/Cheese Dip

My disappointing Seafood Aglio Olio cos it was too dry ><

Mao’s yummy Yuzu Spaghetti w/Teriyaki Salmon

Chatted up quite abit before we bid goodbye :( Ah mao is heading back to London this Sunday already :( Gotta wait another 3 more months before she is backed in Singapore again!! DEFINITELY CANT WAIT, MEI MAOMAO!! Lunch & dinner more often liao since you will be back in RP!! Hehehehehee…


OFTD: HVV Military Dress - Forest Green

Some reviews on the items that I tried at KJ….

Amber Avenue Peplum Top in Cobalt (Size M)

Since this top is already launch, measurements & description can be found in AA’s website :) No inner lining for this top. Size M fits me w/ allowance from the waist down; but fits just nice at my ptp area. Don’t really like that it somehow emphasize on my bra shape; either is becos im wearing the wrong bra or it fits mi just nice only. Material is of pretty gd quality polyester blend. However, I find the peplum skirting abit too long for my liking. Anything more than 25” for tops are consider long for me ><

The Tinsel Rack Hi-Waist Denim Jeans in Black (Size L) – UPCOMING
- Priced $33.90 at KJ.
- Available in 3 colours; i.e. Dark/Light/Black Denim
- Available in 3 sizes; Size S/M/L
- Material used is rather stretchable. Not as thick as jeans; slightly thinner. Those jeggings texture. Very easy to wear in & take off. Legs don’t feel “stuffy” when worn too.
- Size L fits me comfortably all around (waist, hips, length) but I dun like that it somehow emphasize on my hips :(
- Tried to compare the waist ptp for Size M & L, they seem almost similar to me.

Megagamie Look at My Pelpum Skirt in Fluorescent Yellow (Size L) – UPCOMING
As this is the only colour & size left on the rack, I can only try this on :(( Nevertheless I love how the bright yellow matches with my cobalt top.
- Priced $36.90 at KJ.
- Material is of thick & smooth quality rayon polyester blend. Full length inner lining included as well. NO VPL shown *YAY*
- Hidden back zip & button closure.
- Size L fits me with allowance (cos I tucked in the whole bottom part of AA’s peplum top into the skirt), would probably go for the M size if im buying.
- Length ends around my mid thighs. Pretty acceptable length for work & casual.
- Pelpum design doesn’t emphasize on my hips which I love it.


My Glamour Place Lynch Slouch Top – Cobalt
Won this piece from MGP’s FB Like & Share Promo # So happy got free clothes just by sharing the album; but of cos you will be flooding your friends & personal WALL from all the shares :X Won the baby pink pc initially, but I find that Cobalt might suit me better & thinking that it is also easier to match, I decided to try my luck to see if I’m able to exchange to the Cobalt pc instead. & SAYYYYY YAYYYYYY!! Angela from MGP is sooooooo sweeeeet to allow my request so in order to maximize my satisfaction :DDDDD *THUMBS UP!!!*
- Quality chiffon material; no inner lining provided though.
- Inner pc highly recommended since it is rather sheer.
- Material is very easy to iron & comfy when worn. Very cooling material.
- Can be tucked into high waist bottoms or tucked out to show the fishtail effect.

Catwalkclose Iris Pelpum Top – Crimson (Size M)
Was somewhat worried the length might be too short but luckily it is still acceptable.
- Colour chosen is those brighter red, not dull red.
- No side/back zips for this top.
- Pelpum effect is not overly done, just nice I feel.
- Size M fits me with allowance all around; from the ptp to waist area.
- Also love the material used, which is of stretchable & thick polyester rayond blend.
- However I don’t find the top flattering on me. Moreover it seems almost the same as my AE Floraida Pelpum top. So will be selling this top.


Megagagmie Sweet Macarons Frayed Hot Short – Pastel Mint (Size M)
Saw this earlier on MGG’s instagram & was tempted by their colours. But my only concern was it is not MGG labeled :(
- Size M fits me comfortably with allowance for a meal or two. Length is also just nice for me; so long it is not exposing my sagging butt. ><
- DOUBLE LOVE for the frills bottom hem & that it can be worn high/normal waist!!!!!
- Tried to have 2 folds up on the hem & realize it will be kinda short. Just nice covering my sagging butt only.
- No doubt the short is not self-manufactured by MGG, the material used & cuttings certainly meet MGG’s standard. Material is soft denim. Very comfy when worn…..

Nevertheless, I will also be selling this pair of shorts since I’ve gotten myself a pair of shorts from Mango during their sale.


Do email / comment on my blog post if you are interested in getting above 2 items im selling :DD Thanksss!!

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  1. Hello dear, are you still selling your Megagagmie Sweet Macarons Frayed Hot Short – Pastel Mint (Size M)? Can drop me an email at smileedeedee@gmail.com, and let me know? Thanks (: