Friday, 1 June 2012


YAY!!! FINALLY I got my new phone after owing the iphone 3GS for more than 1.5yrs. The phone is like so damn lag that brulee & me cant stand it. Just by looking at my screen protector, everybody will ask me if I’m going to change to a new phone soon. That’s how bad it is…… :((

Initially I was contemplating between getting Samsung Galaxy S2 & Note. But after I heard form Jiahui that S3 is coming out, the thought of owing a S2 naturally drops. No point getting the older version what!! So, luckily with the extension period of my Singtel S$100 voucher & after trading in my lousy 3GS for S$200, I only pay S$198 for my S3 ^^ Furthermore, my aunt says she will sponsor my phone!! Double hooooooray~~~~~

BRAND NEW MONTH; BRAND NEW PHONE!! :DDDDDD With this sleek & light-weight phone, I’m able to tk more OTDs & peektures on the go :) Trying to get use to the phone after being a iphone user for sometime. So far so gd, everything is fast & interesting to explore :))) Nevertheless I hope this phone wun disappoint me :X was once a Samsung phone user years back…& I swear to myself that I’ll nv be a Samsung user for the 2nd time:X

On a side note, those who are considering getting S3, but the current phone is still functioning well, I would recommend to wait for iphone 5 (unless you are an Apple user & wants to try out a new brand OR you are anti-iphone user). Not too sure if below image will be how iphone 5 going to look like, but if it is, the phone is so damn sleek & cool okay!!! Big screen as well lohs….Too bad my lousy 3GS cannot wait longer >( still my S3 is prettty awesome if you wanna give it a try lahs :)

Met my grp of poly mates for dinner at Swee Choon last Fri to celebrate Phuay & Naa’s birthday. 2nd visit to Swee Choon & still it din fail my expectation of it. Everything was delicious; tried on some new dishes as well & they were equally good!!

Afterwhich we walk all the way from Swee Choon to Bugis junction to meet jiahui for the celebration. Pass by the Ferrari accident scene & had some thoughts to it. nowadays I really pay attention when crossing the road, & try not to use my phone. I’ll also turn “360 degrees” before crossing the road. I need to be damn ALERT now to avoid being the nxt casualty :SS

Back to the celebration, we met jh at Shokudo. Ordered some drinks & celebrate the girls’ birthday with yummy Mango + Apple strudel :) Personally prefer Ritz Durian strudel the best though……My night ended off with brulee fetching me after his shopping with his cousin in town, for his bro’s wedding :)

<3 all of them!! ❤❤

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