Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Big Loose Curls?? Braids?? or Buns??

Arrrrggghhh~! brulee's bro' wedding is in another 1mth time. But I've yet to decide what hairstyle to do for that night. 

Most of the wedding I attended are usually friends & colleagues. So I nv put much effort in my hairstyle. Just my normal side parting >< but now this is more to like my family member's need put in some effort dolling up lahs.

BUT prob is what hairstyle shld I go for??? HELLLLPPPPP...

big loose curls w/volume

i think my hair can only achieve this kind of look

Big braids

LOVE the small braids. But I definitely cannot show my whole forehead ><

braids + loose bun

saw this on PL's blog.
might consider doing this, if i manage to find a nice hair pin.

i <3 HIGH buns!! why i no have oval-shaped faced :((

Maybe I shld do this? Loose curls bun up with fringe!!

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