Friday, 8 June 2012


THANKSSSSS to Ying Tian for initiating & assisting me in organizing the dinner invitation through FB/twitter, I met up with the shopaholic babes for dinner last evening over at Creation cafe. This is my 2nd time meeting them in such a big grp & certainly it was a better one. This time round it was less awkward & I also manage to mingle more with a lot of gossiping, reviewing, analyzing, posing, camwhoring & laughing!! THIS IS SOOOOOOO ENJOYABLE :DDDD

So glad that I FINALLLLLY get to meet Janice hawt mama & Ivy; and also have a proper meal with Felicia & Veron; and taking photo with Emmy babe babe!! Not forgetting meeting the rest of the babes again – Chings, Val, YT, Beixin, Meiho, Li Han, Wendy, Michelle & Yongzhen.

Proceed for desserts at Tom Palette’s after our dinner. But becos some gals have to head home earlier, we created a big “hoo-haa” outside Tom Palette for our camwhoring session. Guess we had attracted lotsa attention. HAHAHAHHAHAHA :p 6 tables & 12 stools already laid for us nicely but only our bags/stuffs are “seated”. Camwhoring sessions lasted for at least 20mins…so be prepared for photo spamssssssss :p

Still can’t believe that it is our common hobby - online shopping, that has brought us altogether. Each of us has at least broaden our circle of friends with >10 pretty ladies! 

Definitely can’t wait for more to come ♡♡♡♡ 

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  1. LOVE THIS ENTRY! and i should thank you for helping me organising this tog haha :) meet up again! <3