Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Dinner w/Grace & July + REVIEWSSSS on LRH, TVD, TTR & Fairebelle

Met up with Grace & July for dinner last night at Ah Loy Thai. The gals wanted to settle for Ah Loy cos they nv tried it before. Luckily there wasn’t any queue; perhaps it’s a Monday night. Finally get to meet dear Grace after so long & my ‘siao-char-bo’ July after the very first shopaholics gathering where I got to know her. Why siao-char-bo?? Cos she always crake lame jokes or comment sth with her expressions that make mi laugh..HAHAHAH!! So this siao-char-bo really siao….wear her Gojane wedge that is like so high that I think she secretly feel like walking bare-footed ytd. I bet she had a hard time walking from City Hall to Ah Loy Thai ytd…& frm Ah Loy to Bugis Kissjane -.- Even the uncle from Ah Loy commented she wore until so high ahhhhhhh!! Must be the walk she walk…too slow motion le. HAHAHAHAHHAH :DDDDD Bo bian lahs…buy liao must wear, else wasted!!! Her red wedge is chiooooo lahs…but not my type cos I know I definitely can’t walk in them for nuts :SSSSS I sucks in high heels/wedges :((  

Great company with cheap, tasty Thai food. Yum Tum Tum………We shall arrange another Monday real soon yay ^^

Pop by Kissjane @Citylink & Bugis to check out some upcoming release items. Wanted to try TVD Meadow Vale Floral Bustier (which will be launch tonight) de…but the SA told me is OOS le :( Super sianz…can’t try my size. The other time I tried the denim bralet over here & the Size M fits me snugly, but I’m afraid that L size will be too loose at the cup area….so now I dunno if I shld get the bustier :(

LRH Hooked Aztec Bustier in Aztec Print (Size S)
Tried this at Citylink outlet. Was surprised I cant fit into Size S (NO!! im not trying to hao lian I can fit into Size S or what…just kinda SHOCKED cos sadly I din lose any weight/become slimmer but I still can squeeze into Size S. Furthermore I wore Size M for the Hooked Floral Bustier Top which I still fits nicely as of now); so I reckon sizing runs a little big this time. *TAKE NOTE OF SIZING BABES!*
-          Size S fits mi just nice overall. From ptp to waist & length. Don’t feel un-breathable when worn. Just that some armpit fats can be seen since I’m wearing a size smaller.
-          Material is of Cotton/Sateen Blend. Smooth to the touch. Very very comfy. Unlike the Hooked Floral Bustier which is of Cotton/Polyester mix.
-          Cutting is also perfect. Cup size fits mi nicely.
-          Elastic band at the back & size zip for easy wearing.
-          Length is just nice for me to be worn with high/normal waist bottoms. Not very short I would say.
Actually kinda like the top, but the problem is dunno if I shld get it cos my boyf was saying it looks a little cheapo overall, from the prints to the neon zipper :S Looks so-so only…that’s why I’m in a dilemma now :(

TTR Fairylights Fishtail Skirt in Pastel Yellow (Size M) / Peach (Size L) – UPCOMING!!
Tried this at Bugis outlet. This is the only item, among the unreleased items, that caught my attention.
-          Size M fits me perfect with allowance. Size L is way too loose. As compared to the previous Fairylights Fishtail Skirt, Size M fits mi snugly at waist whereas Size L fits mi a lil’ loose at high waist. Own the Blackberry pc in Size L & it is always hanging arnd my normal waist area :( So for sizing wise, I definitely prefer this upcoming batch!! It fits me A LOT BETTER!!
-          Material is of rougher chiffon. But not those rough until it feels uncomfortable on the skin type.
-          Length is slightly shorter than the previous batch. Shorter length ends arnd knee, longer length ends arnd calves. Prefer this length also!!
-          This upcoming design is supposed to be worn shorter infront & longer at the back; fishtail effect. But can be worn asymmetrical style also, but i forget the zip will be infront or back.if im not wrong..is the back.

TVD High Society Maxi Skirt in Black (Size M)
-          Size M fits me perfect with allowance. Length is also just nice for my height. Ends around my ankle.
-          Material is quite thin, but there is inner lining to the skirt. Material is quite smooth also. 

Fairebelle Tropical Summer Bustier in Cool Hues

-          Not self-manufactured cos there isn't any FB label. Size is tag S/M.
-          Aztec prints is the same as LRH. Material also sateen/cotton mixed. Smooth to touch.
-          Prefer LRH cutting cos this pc fits me kinda loose at the ptp & cups area. Slightly lower cut also. 
-         Elastic band at the back. Straps is adjustable via button. I'm wearing the shorter length for the strap. I reckon longer length will be even looser.  
-         Middle zipper for easy wearing. That is also the difference between this pc & LRH pc. Somehow prefer this zipper than the neon one..what do u guys think??

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