Saturday, 7 July 2012

Gathering w/Besties & LB Warehouse Sales

Met up with the 2 besties for dinner @Thai Express on Thursday. As usual we have a lot of updates to keep each other posted whenever we meet, from boyfs to husband, kids, work & gossipsssss. They have been my best friends since pri sch……whom I share almost 2 decades of friendship with!! How time fliessssssssss……very thankful that we are still keeping in touch & that ju is blissfully married with a daughter; while steph is happily in love with her boyf, & I guess I shld expect a red BOMB from them real soon.

Thai Express Fried Kway Teow is DA-BOOOOMZZZ!!!

egg custard w/glutinous rice. YUM!!

Thanks to bestie steph for the goodies :)

Pop by over to LB warehouse sales during my lunch time on Thursday. The queue to go in was super crazy no doubt it is moving speedily. Then, when I saw the payment queue, I confirm + chop know for sure I’m unable to go into the sales due to my 1 HOUR ONLY lunch hrs. Soooooooo sianzzzzz abt it lohs…when the tempting sale is just smacking right infront of me :( I literally stand outside the glass door, admiring!! -.- #restrictedlunchtimesucksssss

Headed to the sale again during my lunch time on Friday. #Neversaydieattitude This time round, there is no queue to go into the sales at all. & my arrival is just nice that I manage to “catch” the 3 LB owners taking photos with 2 customers. Of cos I need to be thick-skinned enough to ask if I’m able to take pic with them lahs. Hard to come by chance lehs…!! Die die also must tk pic lohs…

I gotta specially mention that the LB gals are not only stunning IRL/or on the site…they also have very pleasant voices!! Most importantly….they are really really sociable, & have NO airs at all (given their popularity & reputation now from BC/LB). They are always carrying a smile whenever I see them, be it with the customers or pixies. I can certainly vouch that whoever has the opportunity to be a LB pixie is sooooooo damn envying. Great bosses are hard to come by, what’s more when you get to work with such a renowned company. Not forgetting to mention, Fred is very friendly as well. He offers to help me tk individual shots with Vel & Viola automatically. #THUMBUPSSSS for the LB gang!

Okay!! This is not some “bootlicking”, “sucking-up” or what-so-ever, if there are some pple out there who thinks so. Firstly, if LB were to give special privileges to their customers, these privilege shld only be given to their loyal customers who have been supporting them since BC & buying from their every other of their launches. I’m for sure not within this grp of customerssssssssssssssssssssss……in fact I’m extremely far from them. Secondly, with the GROWWWWING LB supporters, there is really no reason why the 3 owners shld give mi special privileges just from my humble compliments.

Am sure the 3 gals really put in a lot of hard work & effort to have what they are achieving now, given their age. Without a doubt, most gals out there, including me, are really envious of their talent, their success from LB & their strong family ties.

Well, I shall end off my entry with my only purchase from the sale. 

PS: Kinda pai seh cos it was Vel & Viola who handle my purchase at the cashier. But I want to tk individual shots with them mahs….hehehehe. Anyway, I feel that the items from their 2nd day of sale not really attractive. I guess the 1st day was much better. Well, there goes the saying “早起的鸟儿有虫吃” *puff* 

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