Sunday, 19 August 2012

Satur-date ❤

How we spend our Saturday together. Just You & ME ❤ 

Our matching patriotic OTD :p

lunch @Hot tomato

our $2 matching casing <3

Life w/o bubble tea is plain arse :)

THANKS to my chio chio gf, I got 
this 2 bottles for just $20!!! O.O

Man carrying La Senza paper bag is ohhhh so sexy~

newly found Chicky Rice for dinner!

same pic as above but the tag for this photo is diff!
"U better STOP taking photos b4 i eat le ahhhh..
else i'm gg to whack U!! QUICK EAT"

i swear this cereal fried tofu beats boon tong kee
fried golden tofu double hands down!!
gonna blog abt this chicken rice place soon :)

i think i seriously can finish 10 liu sha bao alone, easily!
ngom ngom ngom......slurppppp~

WITY: What I Try Yesterday
Top: Missypixie
Bottom: TTR Embossed HWS in White (Upcoming)

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