Thursday, 16 August 2012

House of Barracks & Review on Ohvola & Agneselle :)

A mini gathering with brulee’s bro & relatives last Sat over at House of Barracks @Dempsey. It was a foursome qua-dating cos there were 4 couples in total :p Ambience & food are pretty good..minus the inaccessible location. Anyway, a car is definitely a MUST if u plan to head to Dempsey. I just realise only food peektures are taken, no human photos at all :p

 Menu in newspaper form

 Personal Red Wine brought in :p

 Curry Mustard Fries

 Barracks Good Ole Fish n Chips

 Jamaican Jerk Pork Tenderloin

 The Elegant Black Pepper Prawn Linguine

 Bolognese with Mozzarella

Meatball Napolitana 

House of Barracks
8D Dempsey Road
Singapore 249672
Tel: +65 64757787

Haagen Daz ice-cream for dessert :D

Ohvola Avette Sweetheart Top in Yellow (Size M)
Fall in love with this top immediately after I saw Lu’s instagram. The top + the upcoming peplum skirt is chiiiiiooooo ttm! I’ve a soft spot for yellow clothings..i think yellow looks nice on both fair/tan skin-tone. A perfect colour to have!! With the unique criss cross detail at the back, I know I definitely need to get this top.

Size M fits me with allowance, abit loose though. But won’t expose my bra. Would prefer it in Size S though, so that it will be less baggy. Should I sell to join BO for Size S?? Hmmmmm…

Material wise, it is very slightly sheer only, but nothing nude undergarments cannot resolve. Length is acceptable to be tucked in or out with any bottoms.

Agneselle Leatherette Jacket in Light Camel

YAYYYYY!! Finally my BO for AE leatherette jacket is here!! This pc is definitely major LOVE!! A very highly recommended pc to have it in every girl’s wardrobe!!!! A MUST HAVE!! :DDDD

when i first saw the preview, i'd the white pc  in mind alrdy, just need to see the price of it. In the end the price kinda put me off, $44.10, after applying the 10% discount code O.o” I hardly buy anything online which is >$40.

Why put me off is becos 1) worry abt sizing  2) the frequency I will wear this jacket. Personally, I seldom wear jackets/cardigans & only own 2 blazers….SG weather so HOTTTT, why would I need to even wear an outer wear?? So I know if I buy this jacket, the frequency of me wearing versus it hanging in my wardrobe will be lesser. Furthermore, I usually prefer outwear with ptp arnd 18.5-20”, so that I can do layering…but AE’s one is only 17.5” :(

But deep down I always love to own a leather jacket, it is so chic & coolz imo :DDD So after seeing’s Ivy’s review on her Pink pc, I made the decision to join BO. Chose the camel pc in the end becos camel seems to be popular than white and both PL & Agnes also kept the camel pc, so I guess this shld be the safest colour to keep. Anyway, white is also difficult to maintain though easy to match :)

-          Jacket is made of very soft & high quality leather, feels buttery smooth when touch.  Really feels like those lambskin material. Definitely comparable to those sold in retail outlets.
-          Fully lined; which is important if you want comfyness.
-          All the gold zips & buttons are functional so you can wear it in your desire look :) Zips are smooth as well.
-          Ptp fits me just nice on me with NOT much allowance. When I raise my hand or stretch, the jacket will rise up/feel slightly snug at the ptp area, but still bearable. As long as not much big movements involved, it is very comfy when worn.
-          Overall length ends arnd my waist area; Length of sleeves ends arnd my wrist.
-          Only a lil’ warm when worn, actually it feels like wearing a blazer. Cos it is lined, it will definitely be slightly warm when worn as compare to wearing cardigans.
-          Good to wear for chilly/air-conditioned weathers. However, NOT for winter seasons unless thick thermal wear are worn.
-          Pair this jacket with dresses , bandage skirts and shorts for a totally chic ensemble.

PS: I’ve broad shoulders & huge rib-cage. Usually go for tops with ptp arnd 16.5-17” (unless it is stretchable)

On a side-note, I was rather pissed with this SMS I recd on a Tuesday morning. I tot fake MC was bad enough, but a well pre-planned fake MC is like, I dunno whether to be “thankful” u r kind enough to provide me a to-do list before you go on ur MC so that I’ll not be lost. Anyways, dun wan to be too evil also, when in actual fact, u might be really sick. So treasure ur colleagues if they are damn AWESOME yay!! Good, responsible & helpful colleagues are hard to come-by :/

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