Sunday, 12 August 2012

SPONSORED REVIEW: Red Poppiez Wanderlust Flare Dress (Size M)

honestly, i nv expect any blogshops to have me do review for their clothings. who knows, this might be the first & my last right? OF COURSE, i would be glad & honoured with my reviews bring sales to blogshops, but better dun let it turn out to be scaring away customers instead :/

firstly, i do not have the most ideal figure. to me ideal figure is those with ranging from UK6-8 (cos that is the usual size for most blogshops models). i'm a big UK8-small UK10, with broad shoulders & ptp, flabby & bulging tummy & arms & the most horrifying thunderous calves :< not exaggerating, but above all stated are my true statics :(((

secondly, i do not have the perfect face, features & smile to model. ask me to stand alone & do individual shots, it will definitely turn out FGLY & WEIRD!! thats explain why u seldom see me taking OTDs that are non-self-shots infront of the full length mirror.

thirdly, i know my blog is not those with high stats. i think those reading my boring blog entires are brulee & some of my shopaholics friends. only a handful of my friends know my blog. anyway, this blog is created for myself, & not anyone else :)

SOOOOO, i'm pretty honoured to have Christine from Red Poppiez to approach me to do a review for her self-manufactured dress - Wanderlust Flare Dress. initially i was in doubt whether to do it cos i seriously think i wun look nice in anything long sleeved. don't want to make myself look like some fat lady wrapped up >< but i decided to go ahead, i mean it is my first SPONSORED review lehsss!! Do bear with me for my humble review as follows......

Chose the Orange colour which i think is the safest colour among the 4 colour choices. have a few orange clothings & i think this colour flatters both fair/tanned skin tone. 

Size M of the dress fits me just nice, a lil snug over at the arms area though thus i'm unable to ruch up the sleeves :( other than that, the dress fits me comfortably at the waist area. Ptp wise, it fits just nice & i've broad shoulders & huge ribcage. love the length which is just appropriate for work, not too long nor short for me. 

Comes with a self-tie sash which is of the same material as the dress - smooth polyester silk blend, a flowy material after chiffon. the dress also has some slight sheen, but it is not those very shiny type. 

Definitely a dress for both work & dates :))) 

 some of the self-shots i took :D

inner satin lining attached to prevent sheerness 

indoor shots of the dress

front details. non-functional buttons.

finally some outdoor shots of the dress :p

the slightly puffed shoulder details & flare skirting

back of the dress. 

comes with complimentary button :DD

Do pop by Red Poppiez for more of their affordable clothings. in case you like the dress that i review, you can hop over here for other available colours as well :)

PS: THANK YOU brulee for taking all the shots for me patiently, to my satisfaction <3 <3

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