Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Maybelline Lash Revolution Event & Prata ❤

Attended Maybelline Lash Revolution event last Wed with brulee, my girlfriend & her hubby-to-be over at Zouk. Believe it anot, this is my virgin visit to Zouk!!!!!! Clubbing is never me, which a lot people cant believe >< Tell me whyyyyyyyy??

Anyways, the event is solely through invites only (from blogshops & L’oreal Singapore), & I got my invites from both The Closet Lover & Vaingloriousyou. In case you are wondering why I got 2 invites is becos I participated in both TCL & VGY’s FB invitation contest..not knowing who will I win my invite from. #kiasuSingaporean & since 1 invite allows 2 to admit, I invited my girlfriend along :)

The purpose of the event is to pre-launch Maybelline’s newly launched product – Lashionista, a lengthening & long-wearing mascara. Actually I seldom apply mascara now, only has it on when attending dinner functions. My usual eye makeups are eyeliner & some dash of shimmering silver eye-shadow. Hence my main purpose of attending the event is to catch those upcoming new designs from the 5 blogshops :DDDDD

Sooooo glad to have brulee’s accompany to girly event..hehehehe <3 <3 I still check with him several times if he is okay to acc me cos the event will definitely be filled with ladies (hmmmmm…come to think of it maybe he wants to chck out chio-bus hurhurrr?? :/ but I know he is not that kind lahs..hehehe). Being the kiasu Singaporean ME again, we rch Zouk rather early, like 7.10pm…among the first 20 in the queue, cos I want the goodie bag, only to realise that in fact even if I rch at 8+pm..i’m still able to get the goodie bag -.-|| but but but….i get to enter to the event early, so it is less a tiny whiny less crowded to patronise each blogshop booth.

All the booths are swarmed with people…goodness! I can hardly grab a piece to view, esp over at HH & TCL’s booth :(( Neverthless I get to meet all the blogshop owners IRL..all so chiiiioooo!! :DD but so shy to tk pics/talk to them lahs :p anw, better not tk so many photos, later got  “jealous people” say I’ve skin thick like elephant again when I post my photos taken :/

So only 1 photo which I took with Sheila. Wanted to take with Joyce & Bree de but so shy :( Maybe the next yay..heheheh!

 pls pardon my horrifying arms ><

Met Li Han, Wendy X2, Beixin & Rebecca at the event too. But only manage to tk photos with Li Han & Wendy cos it was just too crowded when the rest enter ><

Was aiming HH’s ruched overlap skirt but it is so short, doubt I will look nice in it with my sagging ass & thunderous thighs. Aimed a ruched toga dress from TCL, white peplum skirt & white playsuit from VGY too….but in the end din buy a single item ><

 Ros :) she is very chioooo lohs!!!

Fashion Show: TTR's upcoming items

look at the crowd!!! & spot TTR & HH rack :D 

 "stalker" of DX babe :p

 major love for this VGY white jumpsuit which i mentioned earlier..but shld be small on me :(

 just thinking the effect of this pic is pretty coolz..NO??

some break-dance performance by "jailbirds" 

"Golden Tan" @Michelle Chong

Spot so hard not to spot her with her pink hair!

 HOOOTTT bodies!!!

 the 5 BS owners :)

got 2 goodie bags cos i ask b to tk also :p

Overall, still enjoy a fair bit of the event, catching Rosalyn, Xia Xue, Michelle Chong IRL & get to see some hot male bodies. But then frankly, I don’t understand why would Maybelline hold their newly launch product in Zouk??? So dark & with the poor lightings, how can the customers see the exact colour of the products that they showcase?? I tot it is bad enough to shop for clothes INSIDE Zouk, but now makeup products?? Grrrrr……

Anyways...Curry mutton & egg prata with sugar for supper is da-boooomz!! Ngom ngom ngom......

I only ❤ my prata with sugar. No curry pls!! :)

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