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Lunch & Dinner Dates ♥


I know my blog is pretty boring with all the food post with my friends...sad to say that's my life!! Eat eat eat..thats explains my size what. So readers (if any out there) bear with it if u still intend to read my blog. at least I blog abt food places you all can bring ur friends or loved ones to right?? :DDDD

Lunch Date
Met dearest Desiree for lunch last Friday at Pink NutriDeli. Actually I'm a very "emo" person when it comes to lunch time @work nowadays. I usually dabao from lau pau sat cos I'm just too lazy to go out :p Moreover, the weather is pretty crazy recently + I will stink when im back form lunch (if the weather is super hot) + I dun wan to spend alot on lunch. So, this is the only affordable place i can think of when lunching with my "atas" friend. hehehehe!! 

This place is actually recommend by Mei Ho which I blog here before. Not too much photos though..& yay we order the Oven-Roasted Chix w/Lemony Spaggies again. LOL :p Trust me, this dish is 1 of their most popular dishes cos I can literally see a plate of this on almost every table O.o Shall try the Crazy Cheeky Chix Burger nxt visit :)

Dinner Dates
Met my poly mates for dinner @ Poulét 3 Thursdays ago...procrastinate my blogging till now (*guilty):/ Recommended by jH..this place serves affordable French cuisine. However, they dun tk in reservation & queuing starts from 630pm all the way to 8pm. 

 Country Side Mushroom Soup

Salad de Paris

 my 1st time trying snail, zut zut, Escargot de Bourgogne :SSS 
dunno how to appreciate ><


 Oxtail de Bourguignon :SSSSS 
Dun dare to try but my frd mention it is pretty gd :/
like pig trotters?? LOL

Poulét Roti (Whole) - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Signature Dish
the meat is very tender & the mushroomy sauce that comes with it is just so PERFECTTTTT!!
dip ur chix into the sauce before eating!!
good for 2-3 to share :)

Specially prepared Pork Belly which is off the menu :)
Courtesy of jh's frd who work there as a chef :DD

 Another MUST ORDER!!
Not much alcohol content & very smooth!!
So craving for it nowwwwww....


Caramelised Apple in Puffy Tart!!
<3 the tart the most. 
Heard that this dessert is very limited & usually get sold out by lunch time.
Lucky us got to hv this cos jh's frd kept 1 for us :DDD

 celebrating bdae with the top 3 fav from Twelve Cupcakes :)

 i wish i wish.....


201 Victoria Street, Level 4 Bugis+
Tel: +65 6509 9411
Opening Hours: Daily 10am-10pm

My most recent awesome Saturdate with my chiioooooo chiooooo gf cos both our boyfs are unavailable. HAHAHA... nevertheless, it was such a great night with gossips & spamming of our self-taken photos. #selfdeclarecamwhores

Saw alot of raves abt The Coastal Settlement, & yeap..there we are for dinner. Pretty accessible cos we manage to find our way there, even without our personal GPS a.k.a boyfs :p Hop on to Bus 29 from Tampines interchange & expect a 30min ride. Drop outside  the cafe which is 2mins walk to the main-door (the place is big) :)

Ambience was good (though Jess dislike the live-band there, which I find it ok :p), staffs are friendly & attentive, & most importantly the food is pretty good (a lil pricey though).

Our total bill amount to approx. $70 with 2 mains, 1 side & 1 drink.

WARNING AHEAD: Don't say I nv warn u..alot of peektures of the cafe & our camwhore picssss (& i rly mean ALOT!!!) So if u hv visited the cafe before, you can skip what I'm gonna show below :) 

The start of the Vintagey journey.......

 form the Vintage telephone to typewriter, scooters, utensils
& even the player & old school biscuits which you can help urself to them :)

 I like the mould cos it reminds me of "Peng Kuey" (pink colour glutinuous rice kuei),
which I love!!

spot the 2 uncles men singing live band :p

cute caption :p 

 without a doubt, my gf is a princess. 
who rides a bike cross-legged?? grrrrr -.-

Prawn Aglio Olio
It is NOT as spicy as it looks. 
Yummy though :)

 Rosti w/Cheesy Sausage.

 Truffle Fries, which I LOVE too :D
the unknown sauce is no good though. 
Not spicy, not sweet. Watery water!! dunno what sauce is that :/
Ohhh & the "cruel" princess just wanna make mi FAT cos she only eat 5% of the truffle fries >:(

 Vanilla milkshake also naise :p

It's CAMWHORING TIME :DDDDD [skip this unless u agree that my gf & I is toooo chioooo to be skipped :) ]

 I rmb how we shocked ourselves with our "oily" faces!! HAHAHA
wrong mode set :p

similar clutch of the night

-okay..end of spamming of our photos-

but bear with me, just.......





one last photo of....

my fav pic :)
courtesy of my gf <3

The Coastal Settlement

200 Netheravon Road
Singapore 508529
Tel: 6475 0200

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  1. I just ate at the Poulet too. The chicken, Tiramisu and mushroom soup were fantastic!