Monday, 10 September 2012

Supposedly A Dinner Date b4 Darlin flies off...but....

Glad that darlin is able to make time to meet bff & I for a dinner date before she flies to Aussie for her holidays.... her never-ending workload & activities just make it more difficult to meet her now :(( 

my busy darlin knew she will not be able make it for the dinner tonight upon rching office, looking at the amount of work to be cleared before she flies off. so yupz..dinner is postponed till she is back :(( #neverendingwork

*definitely missing darlin much, & i know she will misssssss us alot too :p*
darlin: just hope u will get to enjoy ur long-awaited, well deserved holidays fully!! most importantly, let urself tk a break off ur hectic work-life ♥♥

anw, i suggested my newly found favourite chicky rice stall which i previously went w/brulee here. actually i went there twice only (definitely will go back again!!); 1st w/brulee & 2nd w/brulee again w/another couple. so peektures will actually taken during my 2nd visit (which I guiltily yet to blog till now).

this is 1 of my favourite chicken rice outlet to date. personally, i prefer this over Boon Tong Kee, Five Star & Tian Tian in terms of quantity & quality :DD Boon Tong Kee no doubt good, the rice portion is just too little for the 饭桶 me (yes, i know i can still add rice but additional cost lehs!!). Five Star once serve me a plate of chicken that looked like it is anyhow chopped & very little too (lousy 脉象). As for Tian Tian, i dun really like the chilli, which has too much chilli seeds. 

i guess it really depends on individual's preferences, but still I ♥ the chicken rice from Chuen Chuen @Tan Quee Lan Street :) It is just located opp Bugis Toast Box, 2 stalls away from Ritz Apple Strudel. Go try it if you're a fan of chicken rice like me :D

Always packed with people

 1/2 白斩鸡
they do hv 烧鸡 too..
chicken meat is soft & tender, even for their breast meat.
& it comes with generous portion of chicken & cucumber!!
*yum tum tum*

not too oily, which i like


 spicy kang gong

 Fried Golden Ceral Tofu
which is HIGHLY-RECOMMENDED by me!!!!!
comparable to Boon Tong Kee Crispy Tofu, i swear..
this tofu is so silky that brulee & me love it (even though we r non-tofu lovers)
comes with generous amount of fried ceral also!!
Good for mixing in with the rice :DDDD

PS: blur me forget to tk pics of the most important, CHILLI :( nxt time perhaps :p

chicken rice lovers..go try kk!! then lemme know if you think is nice too :DD

Chuen Chuen Chicken Rice
21 Tan Quee Lan Street

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