Sunday, 2 September 2012


i told myself right from the start of the year i will participate in this yr's NIKE 10km run...cos:-

1) I've yet to participate in any marathons this year!! >.<
2) I participate in sundown marathon, army half marathon, great eastern run, shape run etc etc before BUT have yet to participate in any NIKE marathons!!
3) NIKE's race pack is usually very very attractive!! I heard water bottle, Nike shoe-shape thumbdrive etc etc....So, I need to have my own race pack!! --> guilty much, but this is my MAJOR REASON why I want to participate:p

BUT...why is the race held on a Sunday??? :(((( Sunday is usually brulee & my nua-ing day & I doubt brulee will want to participate :((

I know, this is an excuse that is NOT acceptable & excusable if I've the determination right?? :<

Huffffffff.....Should I participate??

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