Sunday, 2 September 2012

SPONSORED REVIEW: Red Poppiez - Islander Crochet Blouse

Adding on to another of their self-manufactured label, Red Poppiez recently launched a casual, over-sized top that every girl should consider owning a pc :DDD 

Inspired from ASOS, this smooth silk polyester mix chill-out top is just perfect for our humid Singapore weather. I swear it is so cooling when worn!! Chase after a bus in the crazy weather on a Saturday, & i don't feel any slight uncomfy-ness in the top. In fact, I feel so airy wearing the top :p

Really adore the intricate crochet details at the pocket and both shoulder areas. Almost 99.99% similar to the ASOS pc which you can get it cheaper over at Red Poppiez :) Ohhh the front crochet pocket is functional too :DDD

Chose the mint over the 4 pretty colours, cos I've yet to have any mint clothing in my wardrobe.. personally LOVE the White & Mint the most. The mint is actually more to a very minty green colour..definitely not light mint.

In fact all 4 colours are so versatile to be matched with any high-waist bottoms (tucked in) or jeans/leggings (tucked out). & i reckon this top can be worn over bikini if you're heading to the beach too..will try it out someday when I'm heading there. So girls, just choose the colour which you lack in ur wardrobe like me kk ;)

However there are 2 factors which might be the concern for some girls - sheerness & the slightly big arm-holes.

Although the top is slightly sheer, nothing nude undergarments can resolve right?? Personally I rather wear nude undergarments than a tube to prevent sheerness...anyway nobody is going to really stare at my boobs area lahs!! Not as if i'm wearing a dark coloured or neon bra invest in nude bras ladies!! Very very useful..a MUST HAVE!!! 

Arm hole might be slightly big for those UK8 & below, so only the side of the bra straps can be seen if u raised your arms. So do consider wearing a tube if you are afraid of "exposing" ur bra yay! BUT most over-sized tops are meant to be worn LOOOOOOSEEEE mahs!! 

Head over Red Poppiez nowwwww for the other colours of Islander Crochet Blouse!! :DDD Not to forget to join their MAILING LIST or like their FACEBOOK for more updates and promotions!

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