Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Cornea Ulcer

today marks my most fearful day in my entire life...cos my cornea are infected with an ulcer :'( 

to me, anything is nothing as compared to blindness...one can be wheelchair bound or can lose their limbs & etc due to certain reason, but i guess nth is as scary as losing your sight. it means the beautiful right in front of everyone will be a TOTAL DARKNESS to you, forever!!!

ytd i already felt the irritation on my left eyes. thinking it must be the lack of slp on Sunday night (having insomnia)..i tot it shld be alright until the irritation got slightly worse at night. check out my eye in front of the mirror & i saw this white circular small spot near my pupil. tried to rub my eyelid, hoping that it is just some dirt & will move away after some rubbing..but it didn't. in fact it still remain intact at the same spot. drip eye-drops & it didn't help either. i even tried touching my eyeball but it just got very sensitive!!! getting rather worried & helpless, i went to slp..once again hoping the spot will just be "gone" mysteriously when im awake. BUT my eye still felt the irritation when i woke up in the middle of the night :SSSSSS Whatsapp brulee & all he could help mi feel better is to acc me see the doc today :')

went to see my GP & he told mi is some foreign body in my eyes. tried to use a cotton bud to swipe away the white dot away, not knowing is an ulcer. but my sensitiveness didn't really allow him to even place the cotton bud near my eyeball. so he just suggest me to go SGH A&E to do a check. the queue is terribly long & lucky my aunt is able to get help & brought me over to the eye specialist at Mount E hospital. the moment the doc told me is cornea ulcer, i stopped breathing for like 20secs. 

CORNEA ULCER!!! issit sth harmful?? will it heal?? will it cause any harm to my vision or even lead to blindness?? do i need any needle surgery to remove this foreign body that is inside my eyes?? these are all the qns deep down inside my heart :(


the doc did some examination & checks to my eye. drip some numbing drops which affected my vision for like 3-4 hrs (i literally feel 50% blind cos i couldn't focus anything near to my eyes at all, & anything far is just blurriness.)  

apparently what causes the ulcer might be due to my dry eyes symptoms or contact lens. but i only wear daily contacts which was last worn last sat!!! i also dun slp with my contacts on. how come i so suayyyyyyyy de!!!

he gave me antibiotics in the form of eyedrop which i need to drip into my infected eye every hr & i need to visit him tml & thur. hopes it will get better before my trip to BKK :( 

all i can do now is to pray hard & hope the ulcer will heal soon. hope it is nth serious that need any needle surgery.


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