Saturday, 3 November 2012

REVIEWSSSS on MGG Motel Tribal Cut In Dress, Missypixie Thelma Textured Halter Classy Top, TTR Off Shoulder Eyelet Top

headed to KJ @Vivo City this evening to check out the new outlet & items that i can try out, hoping to make use of the 1-day 15% store wide discount!! Prefer this new outlet cos they sells footwear, accessories & bags too!!! Moreover it is more spacious & nearer my house!!! :D

Megagamie Motel Tribal Cut In Dress - YELLOW

The only item i bought from KJ. Retailing at $29.90 before discount. my first tribal clothing...definitely gg to wear this as a dress, top & bandage skirt. so versatile!!

Dress is hugging, fits me just nice. LOVES the cut in shoulder part. Inner lining attached, this no visible VPL (partly is becos the tribal designs make VPL less obvious).

Missypixie Thelma Textured Halter Classy Top - LILAC GREY (Size S)

MP is launching this item tomorrow, hope my review will help girls out there who is interested in purchasing this top.

Size S fits me just nice overall (ptp, waist, length). even though the top is a little tiny winy "choking" for me near the neckline, the back of the neckline is a self-tying knot/ribbon type, so i think one just has to tie it looser to make it less choking.

No inner lining attached, but it is not very sheer due to the textured material. LOVES clothing that reveals the shoulder area :) retailing at KJ for $28 if im not wrong.

TTR Off Shoulder Eyelet Top (UNRELEASED) - WHITE & CORAL (Size M)

first saw this top on TTR.lj during the launch of Collection 121, which DX match with Freedom Chiffon Flare Pants in Mint. as usual, i just LOVES anything offshoulder :p i knew i just need to get this top when TTR launch it cos this design is what i've been finding all along. so it is obvious that one can sense my excitement when i saw it up on rack at KJ. :DD

however, when i saw the material used for this top, i was utterly DISAPPOINTED!! WHYYY COTTON??? I HATE MY CLOTHING THAT IS OF THIS KIND OF COTTON COS NOT ONLY IS IT THIN, IT CREASE EASILY TOO :( MAJOR SIGHZZZZZZ :(((( but i LOVES the design!!! retailing at KJ for $31.90.

HELP NEEDED in a dilemma whether to choose coral or white!!! pls help me decide...THANKIEW IN ADVANCE :))))

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