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FOOD SPAM once again!!!

bear with me..i mean what can a couple do most of the time except eating?? hmmmm...maybe that only applies to brulee & me -_- so that pretty wells explain our going horizontal figure, hurhur  ><

PS: pardon me for poor quality pictures as they are all taken form my hp i/o camera.

iSteaks Grillhouse

brulee had been craving for steak for the longest time. he wants his steak tasty yet affordable..means the quantity & quality must be there, but cannot too costly (must well cook urself :p).

saw Yina's recommendation on iSteaks previously & decided to give it a try since we are heading NE area for brulee's cousin' baby shower. 

A hawker stall located at Serangoon Gardens serving affordable western food and steaks, iSteaks Grillhouse occupies the stall of the coffee shop where western food chain Aston's used to be. 

Brulee & me feel, if only it is not located at a kopitiam, it will be much more perfect. But this will make the food price slightly higher too. well~~shall not complain too much, since this is what we want - value for money western food.

Another plus point is that there is NO SERVICE CHARGE at all!!!

Brulee's order
Main: AU Ribeye, large cut 
Complements: Baked Potato, Macaroni & Cheese
Price: $22.90

Verdicts: Everything about this dish is close to perfect. Brulee prefers the tenderness of the steak served at Astons though. but iSteak is not that bad too. SUPER thick & juicy!! Medium done steak is prepared to his desire request. Not too bloody, not too tough that is hard to chew. it comes with an option of mushroom or black pepper sauce - brulee chose the mushroom which he doesn't rly like cos he finds it a lil' too mushroomy. but i like cos there is lil' mushroom inside :p 

The Macaroni & Cheese is da-booomz!! the cheese doesn't smell (you know some cheese smell weird) & it taste delicious. this is really GOOD! 

Baked potato is good too. comes with a ball of butter. not too dry :)

My order
Main: Pepper Chicken
Complements: French Fries, Coleslaw Salad
Price: $6.90

Verdicts: Size of chicken is pretty normal for the price paid. Black pepper taste just right, not overly pepperish.  Chicken is prepared perfectly too, quite tender.

LOVES the French Fries <3

Coleslaw is NOT to my liking at all. think there is both onion & spring onion, thus make the coleslaw taste a lil' spicy. Prefer my coleslaw a lil' sweeter. Will probably order the chopped greens salad - boiled broccoli nxt time. healthier choice :)

iSteaks Grillhouse
56 Serangoon Garden Way
Stalls 5 & 6
Tel: +65 6285 8839

Operating Hours 
Sun - Thu: 11:00 - 23:00
Fri - Sat: 11:00 - 00:00


Batter Fluffy Flaps

"Batter Fluffy Flaps (BFF) is not just another place for fluffy pancakes but it is also a place for you to come together with your BFFs and just chill, relax and enjoy some pancakes and our self made drinks." -quoted from BFF's website
Always pass by this cute little fluffy sheep when I'm at East Coast area, but never tried this cafe for once. was quite sceptical if it taste good, cos first impression it gives me is it looks nice on the outside (cute design cafe), but food from these cafe will usually not taste gd.

so this particular night, brulee got to drive his bro's car... & we couldn't make it to our initial plan to coastal settlement as it is fully booked, we decided to give this place a try. i'm glad we did, cos imo i prefer this over Strictly Pancakes. Staffs there are generally polite too. 

BFF not only has the option of savoury & sweet, you can even create your own pancakes.  Pancakes comes in 2, which I find it just nice, whereas most of the pancakes @Strictly Pancakes comes in 3, which I find it too "jer-lak" after awhile.

<3 cosy theme cafe

YAYYY to FREE FLOW of maple syrup, butter & all sauces :D

i create my own pancake @$14 :D

referring to the menu on top....
2 & 3) You can choose as many fruits & toppings as you want. 
I chose strawberries & grapes; walnuts & milo crunch
4 & 5) Only 1 choice of ice-cream & sauce;
i chose vanilla & chocolate sauce 

brulee's Breakfast Mambo Combo @$14 too.
A delicious combo of ham, bacon, poached eggs
& Chipolata sausages. 
Poached eggs is tasteless though >< 

Spicy Chicken Midwings 

Hot Chocolate w/Marshmallow
chocolate drink taste like some chocolate milk -_-
chocolate taste not strong enough for my liking...

HIS Latte

our FATTY pic with the sheep

Batter Fluffy Flaps
89 East Coast Road
Singapore 428790
Tel: +65 6440 7071

Opening Hours
Mon - Thurs: 11am to 10pm
Fri:  11am to 11pm
Sat: 9am to 11pm
Sun: 9am to 10pm
Kitchen closes 30mins before closing.


Selfish Gene Cafe
A very impromptu brunch session to Selfish Gene Café last Saturday & it was definitely worth it.

our BKK tops :D
<3 my meow meow & rat top..hehe

Din know the café is so near my house…is like a 10-15mins walk only!! :D Personally I feel the café is not very prominently seen; it is situated along a stretch of shop houses…& there isn’t any “cute” or “special” advertising done to the café that will attract one’s attention. Soo glad we have another recommended café added to our list but disappointed that this café only operates to 6pm daily (note: all day breakfast to 4pm only), except Tuesday :(  Hence, the only chance for me to head there is the weekends.

Follow them on instagram/twitter & like them on FB for their latest updates!!!

Love the small cosy feeling of the café. 
Stuffs are generally attentive…having gd customer service.

Help yourself to the ice-water cos it is self-service. Love this idea cos firstly no service charge incurred, & secondly I can have a filled cup always without waiting for the waiter.
Decided on what you want to order? Head over to the cashier for food/beverage order along with your payment. This also saves the trouble of waiting for your bill right?? PS: We need not wait too long before the food is served :))

YAYYY to free Wi-Fi cafes!!!!

Both of us ordered the breakfast plate. Cos we feel is the more worth it. Comes with scrambled egg, English pork sausage, honey baked ham, mushroom, tomatoes confit, toast, butter & jam. Everything on the plate is SOOOOO YUMMY I swear. We can’t bear to finish up our breakfast plate.

 The chocolate cake which I loves cos it is not too chocolaty to my liking;
but brulee find it normal cos he prefers chocolate cakes to be super moist & lava-ish… 
still it is nice <3

Lemon Tart which I find it a lil’ sour. But I love the crust. 
Overall, I also LOVE this dessert tooooo :p

His cappuccino

Definitely will make another trip there again :D

Selfish Gene Cafe
40 Craig Road
Singapore 089678
Tel: +65 6423 1324

Opening Hours
Mon, Wed-Sun: 10am to 6pm. 
Closed on Tue.

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