Sunday, 18 November 2012

BKK Day 1 & 2

Finally got time to blog on my BKK post ._. shall split into 2 blog posts for easy reading. this is my 2nd overseas trip tgt w/baby & i can't wait for our next upcoming one alrdy :')

Bought our flight tickets + hotel through a StreetDeal promo for 1pax "$195NETT for 3D2N Bangkok Escape + Flights (includes taxes)! Stay 2 nights at The Ecotel (near Platinum Mall) + 2-way Flights via Jetstar Airways". & since we are planning for a 4D3N trip, we topped up additional $114 (for 2pax). so all in all, everything costs only $252/pax for a 4days holiday to BKK (flights/w taxes + hotel stay). 

A rather not bad deal isn't it?? 

BUT our flights & hotel din come easy :| purchasing this deal doesn't means that everything is left to the agency to settle everything for us, we still have to "fight" with other customers, who also bought this deal, in manually choosing the best flight timing on our desired travel dates & also being able to stay in one of their "BEST" hotel choices - The Ecotel (a nightmare to baby) >< we've to go through alot of liaising with the agency early in the morning when we can start booking our flights, & also making sure we do not land up in staying in some ulu scary hotel options. just all these took up baby & my precious half day. 

GOODNESS!! Lesson learnt:  Cheap stuffs don't come easy!! Shall not purchase any travel deals anymore, unless it is SUPER DUPER DUPER GOOD or it is to Batam. *big SIGHZZZ*

Got our money exchanged at Raffles Place - The Arcade. There are many money exchangers located from the 1st & 2nd you can slowly compare & find the best offered rates. Exchange rate was rather good at 25 (S$4 to 100 baht). 2 of the money exchangers i went:-

Hassan & Sons Exchange
11 Collyer Quay, #02-05 The Arcade, (S)049317
Tel:  6535 8742 / 6532 6517 / 6533 4511

People's Corner
11 Collyer Quay, #02-07 The Arcade, (S)049317
Tel:  6223 3040

Sawadeka Day 1

 went with 2 hand-carry luggage each

 the indian-ish hotel :|
din even bother to take a picture of our room.

room: non-carpeted floors, stained towels, bed & walls; 
no full-length mirror, safe-box is chargeable (WTH??); 
no kettle = no hot water; 
shower is not hot enough & it has kettle boiling sound when showering;
not spacious;
aside from that, they have free wi-fi service available in the room though.
daily bkfast: bkfast was worse having a loft of bread.
the WORST bkfast i ever seen >< 
imagine dried up sunny side up, all indian-ish food,
cornflakes w/stale milk & the doesn't look edible sausages.
we walked in twice, & came out within 1min.

 straight away SHOP SHOP SHOP @Platinum Fashion Mall,
after we are done with checking in.
no lunch since we'd a really heavy bkfast @CBTL before our flight.
not forgetting this bkfast, which land us sprinting to our plane.
10 mins before gate closing -.-
i don't even hv time for duty free :(

BKK has the up-to-date trends!! 

 next up to Siam Paragon for dinner..

 MK Gold Steamboat @Siam Paragon, Ground Floor.
alar-carte steamboat buffet which costs us arnd S$20+ each..

 the queue....

 from this......

 to this *SLURPPP~*

the culprit :p

A lil' groceries shopping at the supermarket...

<3 the colourful flavoured cotton-candy.
good as souvenirs :)

MAJOR <3 for the Yakult
had the big bottle in original flavour (light blue cap) 

major regret for not being able to try Krispy Kreme :'(((  
all sold out & we are not planning to head to Siam Paragon again

cab back to our lousy hotel
-end of Day 1-

Sawadeka Day 2

rise & shine to our Day 2. 
Off to Chatuchak.....

 SG's Mango Sticky Rice no fight with BKK's

S$2 & you'll get very very sweeet mango in quantity & quality

 virgin trip on board BKK MRT to Terminal 21.
nv get a chance to tk their BTS though,
cos our tired legs preferred taxis..

 the newly Terminal 21

 MUST TRY food court!!
cheap, good & yummy food..

<3 their free supply of tissues,
no doubt it is only 1-ply. 


 fried oyster omelette

baby dunno what to buy with the extra cash inside our card,
so he came back with siew mai -_-
surprisingly it taste pretty delicious. 

one word: HEAVENLY!!!!

 Mr. Shake is our favourite beverage in BKK.
think we had it like, DAILY!!!!

our tourist shot would be perfect without the extra leg & model-wannabe.

MUST BUY @Terminal 21.
sooooo cheappppp!!

Chinatown for BKK local delights.

 i think there is 2 types of 林真香 (brothers outlet) ;
one with dragon logo, the other with Mr. Porky (pig).
prefer the dragon logo in my opinion...

 dinner @Eastin Hotel;
just becos our lousy hotel don't telecast EPL,
which almost drive baby crazzzzy.
Man U ( his fav) VS Chelsea

had massage near Eastin Hotel, which I forgot to take pictures of, TWICE!!
anw, that marks the end of our Day 2

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