Thursday, 29 November 2012

MBS Staycation ♥ ♥

Staycation is something to go for if you want a relaxing yet affordable mini-holiday. totally enjoyed our 2nd MBS Staycation on a lovely date of 10-11-12 (that really shows how outdated my blog posts are :|). ALL THANKSSSS to Baby's cousin who is working at MBS Shopping Mall so we are able to get REALLY AWESOME staff rate for our room. even though the room is much smaller than during our 1st staycation, but better than never :)

left side are the pampered ones; 
right side are those neglected ones :(

aside form the pool, their gym is also <3
like some personal gym...with a wide range of equipments.

my dumb-bell VS his...

baby's cousin training hard..

awesome view from our room.


 our dinner..
pretty good sashimi from cold storage..

 rise up to this <3

baby rate this photo taken by him as BEST PHOTO of  the year -_-
i can't deny they are quite well-taken though..

& this as his the 2nd BEST PHOTO.. 

we'll be back soon :)

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