Monday, 26 November 2012

Agnes's Birthday Celebration

just 2 weeks ago was my bff's birthday <3 come to think of it, we are 9mths apart from each other, me a feb baby, while she a nov baby. soooo when I'm alrdy out in the world to say hello to pple, she is just a lil egg in her mummy's womb ._. but nevertheless, it is FATE that brought us together, to become best of friends, whom i really treasure <3

had 2 different celebrations for her. one which we met up with our usual poly clique for a mini gathering cum birthday celebration;  & another within darlin, jH, myself & rae :)

Birthday Celebration Part 1

the birthday gal chose Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar for our gathering. made reservation but apparently the place was not really crowded on Thursday night. ambience is good but with a bunch a girls, i guess we were the nosiest table that night :p

Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar
181 Orchard Road
#B2-13/22 Orchard Central
Singapore 198785
T: 6238 6400 / 8181 8023


Birthday Celebration Part 2

planning for a birthday is never easy, cos on 1 hand you need to surprise the birthday person; & on the other hand you need to cater to everyone's timing to carry out the plans. present were settled within 2hrs after darlin & my work. all thanks to darlin for her fast decisions made. so presents checked!!

with the limited time frame, we definitely hv no time for scrape book or thick photo collages, so darlin decided on photo collage frame, which is definitely easier to do. just buy the frame & all you need is do design the cardboard within the frame with a few photos & blank spaces for birthday wishes. did the photo frame all by myself with my limited creative designing skills. hmmmmm..i guess the final result is not that bad after all, right?? so birthday card checked!!

CAKE!! nowadays cupcakes are the IN cakes to celebrate one's birthday. but cupcakes that are yummy yet affordable & within our venue for the birthday celebration is a lil tough hurr!! darlin recommend Swirls Bake Shop for their mini-cupcakes. Indeed they are up to standard :) cake checked!!

decorations, balloons, banners!! these are also settled by darlin's friend, who hv quite a gd deal from a party shop. decorations, balloons, banners checked too!!

NOW the venue!! GO WHERE??? initial plan was to Pulua Ubin since Agnes nv been there before. but becos cycling is the best option at Pulua Ubin & I can't cycle well, jH has got knee problem so can't cycle much as well & it might rain that day, which might spoil our plan....we decided to proceed with 6hrs of KTV (to let Agnes's present to us her vocal skills as she is attending singing courses currently) & a buffet dinner @Carousel.

without further a do...i shall let my peektures do the rest of the talking :)

weighing scale as idea huh! :)

KTV ended early & we went roaming around Scape flea market with the birthday girl carrying her balloons; while us shopping. HAHAHAHA!! 


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