Thursday, 31 January 2013

A Not So Smooth January

Time really flies. January is ending & we’re moving into the 2nd month of the year tomorrow!!! :O So, is your January so far??

Well, my January is not so smooth though :(( Due to work & baby’s family issues.

1) Got some additional job duties, which involves more monitoring & liaising with the RMs.

Honestly I dislike RMs personally (no offence to ALL RMs, in case there is any RMs out there reading my boring blogs). To me, they give me the impression that they think they are the ones who bring in the sales into the company…which determines the bonus factor. Then they can be demanding, stuck-up or treat us processor as though we are their secretaries.
Blahhhhh….seriously don’t give me this shit. I don’t give a damn whether you are Manager, Senior RM or VP >:( If you don’t be firm on your stand, they will definitely climb over your head & 得寸进尺.
The logic is simple:-
“You treat me Good, I return your Good to you.
You treat me like shit, be prepared to get double your shit from me.”

2) First time get “reprimanded” by my supervisor on my work quality & efficiency due to some carelessness :(

There was once when she spots several mistakes which I could have avoided. Once reprimanded, I believe that the rest of the week will be not smooth. Indeed, the suay-ness lasted me for 2 weeks :X

So I tell myself I need to buck up….no more further careless mistakes can be accepted which will affect my promotion or increment. This year is a good yr for my zodiac…so I definitely need to achieve something, esp my career!!

Hope to leave some good impression to my bosses & benefit in my upcoming appraisal :)

3) Baby’s Family Issues.


Do not intend to elaborate more on this since it is something personal relating to Baby’s family. No, don’t worries there isn’t any separation or whatsoever that is bad…

Now that the problem is partially resolved, I hope it can be fully resolved when Baby & I are to stay together (if nothing goes wrong), 3yrs down the road. Really cross fingers & pray very hard that nothing bad is going to surface out gradually or cause any unhappiness within all of us :SSS

Sometimes I really wonder am I the one who bring you the suayness? Am I the one who is indirectly causing you to face issues which you have not encounter before you meet me? Sometimes I really wonder if I’m not together with you now, will you better off be living in happiness??

Maybe!! Maybe I’m just the one - NOT meant to come into your life :((

I really hope I’m given the strength & ability to help you in anyway.

I really wish I’m able to, on your behalf, prove to everyone how competent & careful you are at work, how caring & filial you are towards your family & how down to earth you are  in whatever things you do.

I feel upset & low for not being able to "protect" you, just like the way you always protect me. I can imagine your fear, your unwillingness & your low confidence daily.

神,请你保佑我生命中最重要的这个人一切顺顺利利,遇到贵人相助。请你住他一批智力。 谢谢﹗﹗

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  1. Stay strong babe. And don't say silly stuff like you bring 'suay luck' ok?! There are bound to be obstacles along the way, emerge a stronger couple through the thick and thin :)