Friday, 18 January 2013

Birthday Wish List :pp

Exactly 1 more month to my next birthday :DD Times fliesssss..i'm hitting the BIG 3 in X years time :X Nevertheless I always feel 21 yrs old :p
So, the KIND me, in order not to make any lovelies have a hard time thinking what to buy, created this post!! :p 
Not to mention, very "thoughtful" too.. 
classify the wish list into affordable & higher range for easy reference :p


1. Craftholic Bears
Find this quite cute, but a lil' tad ex :X
I like those soft soft ones, & personally I love SLOTH (bear) & RAB (rabbit) among the 4 characters the most. LORIS (monkey) is the least favorite though :/ 

Really <3 the Craft Sloth (medium size);
especially the grey/white stripes.

 awwwww..why all so cute de!!!!! <3

 hmmm i only like the medium & large RAB (rabbit) with heart shaped eyes :p

aiyoooohhh, round round de like 不倒翁l!!

sweeeet :')

i wan those bed-room slippers <3

& those blanket which has a hoodie!!
so cute can!!

2. Sports Attire
Since I'm hitting the gym & attending yoga more often (3-5 times per week), I'm really in need of more sports/yoga attire. I love sports brand such as Nike, Adidas or Puma :)

- running sports bra (size M)
- running sports top (sleeveless)
- running sports shorts (loose fitting type)
- yoga top (sleeveless)
- yoga pants (long or 3/4 loose/tight fitting type)

3. Mythic Oil Treatment
My hair is terribly in need of some treatment. I hope this will do the trick; in order for me to have healthy shiny long hair again *SIGGHHHH i miss my hair*

 4. Digital Weighing Machine
In need of this to monitor my weight closely, in order to meet my resolution target of losing 3kgs by end of 2013. I MUST fulfill my resolution!! Not say say only a portable, lightweight weighing scale is definitely good for me :D

5. Samsung S3 Charger / Battery
1 charger is definitely not enough for me..I need 1 at home, 1 at Baby's house & 1 in office lahs. I don't want to keep bringing it everywhere I go :( Last time I've at least 3 iphone chargers lohsss:( No charger..extra battery also gd :p

6 Jeanine Gabrielle Necklace
Honestly, her hand-made customised necklaces are really gorgeous. But, why so exxxx!!! With the price, I can purchase a dress lehs ><

Here recently launched collection here, which are ALL so CHHHIIIOOO!!! Love those pastel flower bouquet ones, but all sold out liao :/


The HIGHER Range

1. Pandora Bracelet
This is my new found LOVE!! A simple bracelet which I can add on cute little charms. I reckon I'll be spoil for choice when choosing from the wide arrays of charms :| 

2. Sports Watch
I think Baby-G as sports watch seem to be a good choice?? Back to my teenage days :p
Prefer those with white face base.

3. Designer Watch
This 2 Michael Kors watch seem not bad yay??

4. Double C Necklace/Ear Studs
Tell mi which girl don't love the Double C. Yah, I know there are a handful who don't, but....BUT I'm one of those who just wan to own one :D Double C is my always LOVE <3

Prefer the bigger silver blings or black blings pendant over the smaller pendants. As for the length of the necklace, I like it whereby it ends around my upper chest or slightly below my collar bone area. Classic & classy enough <3 .

Aiyahhh, to make things easier..just bring me to the Chanel boutique lahs :pppp

pics credit to
This is the black pendant I adore.
But I prefer a shorter necklace though;
somewhere arnd the upper chest :)

pics credit to Sheila's instagram
I love the ear studs cos of those side trimming details..
definitely stand out from those simple ones.

5. Khiel's Skincare

I don't mind these Khiel's products to treat my forever "青春" face. Bo bian...old liao, need take care of my face moreeee :((

6. CASHHHH $$$$$$$$$$ 
Dunno what to give me still?? Never mind..give mi ang bao can liao :p I'm in need of cashhhh for more online shopping savings :p

Till then.... :)

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