Sunday, 13 January 2013

2013 Week 2

got the bff 2 weeks complimentary access pass to TF.
Our first yoga lesson together. 

*spot my ah-lian yoga teacher. hehehe :p*
I guess she is the only instructor whom will provide calming spray to all her students.
I <3 her lavendar spray. 
I <3 how her yoga lesson make mi sweat as though I ran a 2.4km.
I <3 how professional she is when teaching yoga.
I <3 her being a lil' crap & funny.
she is my yoga instructor - Amanda.

In short, I <3 Amanda's yoga lesson.

#oftd for baby Emme's baby shower
<3 printed romper like this, glad that i bought it with the 15% discount  :)

so happy for kaikai that her baby girl is growing healthily.
pretty baby Emme <3

 since Salon Vim Bugis is having 20% opening promotion,
it's time for half-yrly hair appt.

 Do I look younger?? :pp
3" of frizzy hair off...
next up shall be some colouring & intensive hair treatment.
my hair need some pampering;
as I neglected too much :/ 


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