Monday, 18 March 2013

2 MOREEE Birthday Celebrations....

Meeting my gfs is a joy. But meeting chio chio gf is a pleasure. Okay, I don't know what I'm talking abt :p HAHAH!! 

Still very thankful to know Jessica from my ex-co. & still maintaining our strong friendship despite our age gap, looks & personality. She is now my personal 24/7 fashion consultant for online clothing. She helps mi decide the colours & designs cos I FOREVER can't make up my mind.  This is what I called the "unexplained friendship love" <3

Dinner over at NamNam Noodle Bar, which serves Vietnamese food. The queue was madness, nothing unusual since it was a Friday evening. Food was pretty average in my opinion though.. 

The array of sauces on the table..

Pho Beef Combination;
with beef steak slices, beef balls, beef shank, 
tendon & honeycomb tripe.
Tasted so-so..perhaps the soup is kinda too sweet for my liking :|

Not much to mention abt, as it is pretty obvious we ordered the same food.

Dessert time at Ben's & Jerry.
Who loves half-melted ice-cream like me??? :PP

My Birthday Gift <3
Comes with a story behind....
Initially it was supposed to be a craftholic rabbit, 
but it coincidentally happen to be the same
as what darlin & bff bought me - a rainbow rabbit, which I posted on my Instagram.
So, ta-da...a change in present :DD

A Four Leaf clover charm,
which Jess painstakingly choose out of the many many MANY charms :)
Still called Baby to ask if I'd this charm & will it match my existing charms.

Jess, I will rmb vividly the scene when I sounded Sam on whether his "guy friend" has bought the Pandora for his non-existence gf, & Sam's without a hesitant reply.

Quoted from her blog..
I chose a 4 leaf clover charm for her eventually. 
Representing Love, Faith, Hope and Luck. 
Above it all, I think it represents her to me as: 

"A best friend is like a 4-leaf clover. Hard to find, and lucky to have" 


My pretty gf's "unique" way of writing birthday cards hur :|

Babe, I'm waiting for you to date me again.
You're being missed. <3 

NamNam Noodle Bar

252 North Bridge Road
#B1-46/47 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103

Another surprised filled birthday celebration with the 3 closest friends, whom are very important people in my life. When I was young, I used to feel that having many good friends is important; now I conclude that having a few closer ones is much more substantial. I appreciate them for appearing into my life :)

So the last round with maomao, I tried Tonkotsu King @Orchid Hotel. This time, venue is Ramen Keisuke Tori King @100am (Amara Hotel) which I wanted to make a comparison :D
Generally, I prefer the soup (less salty in my opinion) & spacious eating area at 100am, but the noodle (Orchid Hotel serves ramen noodle similar to spaghetti; while Amara Hotel serves ramen noodle similar to curly maggie mee) & char siew meat at Orchid Hotel. 

Have the Japan feel neh...
Pretty obvious they serve chicky yay??
"Tori" means chicken. 

Prefer this outlet for its capacity.
Much more spacious!!
I need not worry about my bag knocking into people ><
Table with the necessary condiments, utensils, tissues
& a kettle of free-flow ice-water..

If only these were the oozy onsen eggsss..
My Tori King Ramen Special (All Toppings),
with normal soup taste & noodle texture but less chix oil

Tender Grilled Chix Thigh with my onsen egg.

Desserts over at hic'Cup which is conveniently located within 100am too. The girls have it pre-planned from the "surprise" they have for me. This really comes as a SURPRISE i swear!!

Was planning to order drinks over at the counter with Agnes. While choosing the drinks, I notice that the counter lady staff was like having this obvious grin on her face. I was like thinking "whats so funny man?? Don't tell me she recognise me?? (cos I collected BerryMomma & MommaHero just a week before the dinner date)". 

Agnes then asked me to order some cakes. I was like "HUH, don't need cakes lahs. so full le". She then "intentionally" direct my attention to the chiller display. At this moment, my eyes stopped at the box of MiniHero with the alphabets "S" & "K". I turned to Agnes, & still proudly tell her in glee " initials lehs!!!" & nv did I realise this was set up by the 3 "musketeers". HAHAHAHA!!! 

Now I know why the suspicious grin on the staff ._______.



wrapped by Darlin, fulled of ♥♥♥ wrapper.

Effort wrapped cos she hardly wraps presents. 
That explains those 3M magic tapes on top of those non-sticky scotch-tape,
with some loops around the corner :\

I've a lightweight & portable digital weighing machine now :D


Cos I've my own Baby-G now. Back to those teenage days :)

Always <3 reading my cards.
So pweeety, LOVE how they recycle postcards
& turn them into customised birthday cards :)

Indeed, I'm BLESSED with these 3 special important friends in my life.
THANK YOU for always making my birthday so special
& always creating surprises here & there :')
THANK YOU for listening to me & not overspend by booking staycation,
having balloons, decorations etc etc...
I love simple dinner just like this :)
Nevertheless, you girls manage to fulfill most of my wish list items :DD


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