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Birthday Staycation @Oasia Hotel ♥

This will be my last blog post on my birthday. FINALLY!! Not that I've alot of celebrations to start with, just that it can really take time to edit the pictures & draft out an entry. But nevertheless, I'm glad I manage to  pen down all the wonderful celebrations I'd this birthday <3 birthday spent with Baby was 1 day earlier than than the exact day - 18th. I'm unsure what Baby has planned for me cos he wanted to keep it a surprise, & I wanted to experience that surprise myself too, thus I din  probe much :D

Dunno why, or maybe it is just I grow older, I just want my birthday to be kept simple. No big celebrations, no birthday song, just wanna spend it with people close to me. Not knowing what Baby has planned, I asked if going gym beforehand will "spoil" his plan..He said "OKAY!! Can go gym!!". But dunno why I don't have the feel to go gym the following day, so no shoe bag, just some extra clothing since I'll be staying over at his house. Off I go...& the boy asked me if I can go home & bring my shoe bag -.- Grrrrrr..lucky I'm still within my house area. Tskkkkk..

To cut the story short (cos I've partially forgotten what happen beside going to Baby's hse), Baby decided to tell me the plans for the day. A Staycation~~! :DD I vaguely recall him saying that we will be going Wild Honey for breakfast, then to some shopping before checking in to Oasia Hotel. Shopping????? First thing that came into my mind...CHANEL!!!!! HAHAHAH. So exciting...I'm so looking forward to all the plans ahead, but I told Baby to skip Wild Honey cos I don't want spend too much for breakfast/lunch :)

Roam around town, & we settled for Domani - a Spanish Italian Cafe. Have always walked passed this cafe as it gives me the impression that they served atas food. But boy, their lunch set is pretty value for money & good tasting. Worth to try..

Domani Cafe
391 Orchard Road
#B2-37 Ngee Ann City

After lunch, we proceed to the next HIGHLIGHT of the day - CHANEL BOUTIQUE!!! :DD This time the feel is just full of excitement, cos I know I will definitely come out of the boutique with a Chanel paperbag. VERY VERY SADLY, they doesn't have stock for the necklace I want!! :'(((((( I WAS SOOOOOO DISAPPOINTED OKAY!!!!!! How can they don't have it when I'm prepare to purchase it?? It is not like I wanted some seasonal/special designs lohs!! I just want the pendant which is slightly bigger than classic range only :(((( 

Once proven, when you want something, you won't get it. Hufffff :|

Disappointed. Upset. Angry too.

Baby asked me get Pandora instead. But I wanted a Chanel more :( So I told him to give me a belated birthday present since we can prolly check out the necklace again at a later period or when we go overseas. But he just wanted to get me my birthday gift that day .__.

Okay..check in hotel first then say. HAHAHAHA!! Oasia is Far East Hospitality’s newest hotel brand, located just minutes away from Orchard Road and at the charming enclave of Novena. So so accessible. 

Requested for early check in :P 

Baby booked the Club Room under the 21 days early bird promotion at $273 nett a month+ before my birthday <3 

As the Club Room guests, we are able to enjoy privileged access to The Living Room and its pool facilities on the 22nd floor, as well as complimentary breakfast, cocktail and all-day coffee, tea, juices, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks (from 6pm to 8pm) at The Living Room. 

Panoramic view from our room at lvl 25

Work space equipped with unlimited high speed broadband internet access

Rain Shower with Bath amenities from Thann
(which I've forgotten to tk pics ><)

Also include toothbrush with mini colgate toothpaste, a loofah, comb, 
cotton pad & bud, shower cap, shaver, shaving cream and a hair dryer.


Nespresso® coffee-making facilities

Complimentary mini bar

Self-timer camwhore time :D

Baby's vdae present from yours truly.
THANKS to buddy Seng, I got this wallet at a very awesome deal :)

Without fail, we will always fully utilized the hotel facilities.
So, YAY..GYM time :)

& pool time :DDDD
Freaking AWESOME cos the pool area is all OURS!! HAHA!
The private moments we had with the icy pool & jacuzzi :)

if only everyday is like this....


enjoying the free-flow of cocktails from 6-8pm. 
I was all red after a few drinks ><
Had some delectable canapes & that somehow settles my dinner. LOL :p
Not forgetting to mention, the staffs there are very attentive
& constantly portray good customer service.

As we are heading town to buy my Pandora, we gave the night swim a miss :(
Even so, how could we miss out the stunning night shots of the pool? :)

Decent Breakfast Buffet.
Love the pancakes. Hehehehe :P

View down from the Private Pool exclusive for Club Room guests

Public Pool for all Hotel Guests.
Told Baby we should also experience it since we are here.
Baby was like.."HUH, got private pool come public pool for what." -.-

My Birthday Present from LOVE

Thanks Baby for this lovely birthday celebration <3
Looking forward to our 3rd yr anni & your birthday :)

Oasia Hotel Singapore
8 Sinaran Drive 
Singapore 307470
Tel: +65 6664 0333

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