Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Updated Birthday Wish List :)

I know my birthday has already passed 2 months. But still, I would like to thank every single of you for contributing my birthday wish list, which I blogged about it here.

So to update what are the items that are fulfilled, here it goes:-


1. Craftholic Bears (Thank You Baby, Agnes & YR)
2. Sports Attire (On-going purchase. Have bought myself a Adidas sports bra though)
3. Mythic Oil Treatment (Thank You Myself)
4. Digital Weighing Machine (Thank You Agnes, YR & JH)
5. Samsung S3 Charger/Battery (Thank You Myself)
6Jeanine Gabrielle Necklace

The HIGHER Range

1. Pandora Bracelet (Thank You Baby, Jessica, Steph & Ju)
2. Sports Watch (Thank You Agnes, YR & JH)
3. Designer Watch
4. Double C Necklace/Ear Studs (Hope my colleague is able to help mi achieve this from her Europe trip)
5. Khiel's Skincare
6. Cash

I guess creating a birthday wish list is a good choice afterall. It definitely ease the difficulties of your loved ones & friends from having a hard time to buy a present for you, & the best part is, you can get the stuffs you want :)

Being an instagram addict than a diligent blogger, I can be followed here. Blogging really needs time & the "feel". HAHAHA :p

So, recently I joined in the Black Ball addict..I think I've a bowl every other week. Goodness!! :( #fatdieme

 first bowl with Baby & I got HOOKED!!

Have always shamelessly indulge myself with their sample cup of popcorn.
But ytd, Baby & I couldn't resist & we bought the #ChicagoMix.
It's as addictive as Black Ball :P

 Some items I bought, which I sold off immediately after I recd..

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