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CHAM..I'm so so so back-dated for all my blog entries!!! :SSSSS

from my dinner date with maomao on 5Feb (which i gonna blog tdy) to my CNY #oftd, 3rd vdae with baby, birthday celebration with my poly clique, my birthday staycation with baby, birthday cum dinner w Jessica & lastly my belated birthday celebration with bffs & darlin. woahhhhh >< 

blame it on my workload. i used to have time to draft my blog entires in office..but now i rly dun have the privilege cos my workload has somehow increase (still manageable though) :(

Dinner date with maomao at the highly raved Tonkotsu King @Orchid Hotel. To avoid the long waiting time, I went to queue for a seat rather early. But apparently they would only assigned you a seat when there is full attendance. Fair enough..cos instead of assigning to pple who will only be hoarding the table to chit-chat while waiting for their friends, must well assigned to pple who just eat & go right..

The seating arrangement inside are rather cramp up due to the limited space. It is those whereby u die die also must eat & leave right away. Restricted moving space for the customers & servers. Bags have to be either on your laps or floor. Don't think they have sufficient chairs to cater for bags.

Both maomao & I ordered the Tonkotsu Ramen Special (All Toppings) & go for everything Normal for the soup taste, chix oil & noodle texture. Just 10mins after we were seated, our ramen were served. They are fast, which is gd for the hungry meeeee!!!!:p  

Comes with black & white sesame seeds which are supposed to be grounded to add the additional aroma to the pork broth.

Free-flow of hard-boil eggs (normal and low cholesterol) & bean-sprouts. Mayo is provided to eat with your eggs. In fact the bowl of noodle is too full for me to even try out the eggs :/ Was a lil' hesistant to try the bean-sprouts initially cos they looks kinda soggy, but I'm WRONNNGGG. The bean-sprouts are naisssssseeeee, tasty & crunchy, that I can't stop eating.

The ramen came with 3-4 slices (unlike some ramen stalls which only give 1-2 slices only) of very tender & not overly fatty chashu, a soft onsen egg & a giant sheet of seaweed. Black fungus & spring onion are ingredients which you can choose to add or not. Really LOVE the tangy & chewy noodle texture :) However, I personally find the pork broth a tad salty for my liking. Perhaps I would ask for less oil for my soup when I visit this place again.

A BIG eater? A ramen lover?? Just need to order more noodle or soup? Tonkotsu has it all. Half a bowl of ramen at $1 & a bowl for $2. Think refill of soup is additional $2 if I did not remember wrongly.

Do note that the outlet at Orchid Hotel does not accept nets or credit cards; so get your cash ready..else you will have to run over to tg pagar plaza like me to withdraw cash before the meal :X 

Tonkotsu King
1 Tras Street
#01-19 Orchid Hotel
Tel: 66360855

Since dinner ended early..maomao suggested P.S. Cafe @ Ann Siang Hill Park for some desserts. Din realise there is this hidden chill-out place near my house :D Ambience is perfect for dates, but lighting there is super bad for photos from my S95 :( Mains/desserts can be rather costly over at P.S. Cafe but they served portion which are meant to be shared among 2-4 pple. 

Sticky Date Pudding
I <3 THIS!!

Double Chocolate Blackout Cake
Definitely for moist lava chocolate lovers, i.e. Baby.

PS.Cafe @ A.S.H PARK
45 Ann Siang Road
Singapore 069719
Entrance via Ann Siang Hill Park 
Tel: 6222 3143

Almost forget my strawberry cheese tart from maomao with love <3 
sooo yummmy :)

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