Thursday, 25 April 2013

Skinny Pizza Date with the Besties :)

The date with the besties have been delayed way tooo loonggggg :( The last meet up was last Dec, for our xmas exchange. Wow!! We shld ought to meet up more frequently my dears :') Lets set a date soon liao....coming July :D

Settled on Skinny Pizza which I wanted to try all along. Kinda ex but the food is really good :) Sharing make it more affordable too..hehehe! 

 L: Kampong Glam; R: Rasberry Julep
2 below average drinks, esp Kampong Glam :S The cucumber drink just taste weird.
& the Rasberry Julep just taste like some lychee syrup from the can.

The thing is we ordered the drink shown in the standee (which I saw the next day) below, but when above drinks are served..we were like "Why different from other people de??" "Why cucumber huh??" " weird. Cucumber taste so strong. Lychee syrup drink!!" All sorts of comments but the most stupid thing is we never asked if the servers we were served the right drinks. We went ahead & have our drinks. -.- Really goon-doooo..feel so cheated for the $12 spent on the 2 meh drinks :/

 My first Squid Ink food item. LOL :p
this is really a MUST-ORDER from Skinny Pizza. 
It taste really yummy :)

 English Breakfast Pizza, which I find equally good cos of the bacon & egg,
but lack the sweet & crispy taste as compared to the Squid Ink.

Truffle Fries which the truffle taste is just nice for my liking :)

Near to 2 decades of friendship, i treasure in my heart :*)

 1-1 sweetness to cont'd our updates
Ben & Jerry's still taste the BEST!

My latest CHARM. Loving my lil' cute!!!!
My first animal on the bracelet. 
Definitely stands out from the rest of the charms.
THANK YOU BESTIES for the belated bdae present <3

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